The 10 Safest Hotel Chains to Stay At During COVID-19

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Some essential travel plans can’t be canceled even during a pandemic. This includes personal and business trips alike, where a virtual conference or a remote call can’t make up for your physical absence during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

If you are about to take such a trip, it’s essential to practice safety measures during your travels and learn about places that do the same. This ensures that you can continue and complete your travels without an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Fortunately, initiatives such as the Westgate CARES Program are making sure that traveling during the pandemic can stay as safe as possible. By looking into such programs, you can ensure excellent safety for yourself and your loved ones as well.

To help you benefit from similar programs that put your health front and center, here is a list of the 10 safest hotel chains to stay at during COVID-19.

Safest Hotel Chains

1. Through Its Westgate CARES Program, Westgate Resorts Stands Apart in Safety Measures

With 24 locations across the United States, Westgate Resorts offers its services in some of the country’s most popular destinations. In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Westgate Resorts designed the Westgate CARES initiative to make its locations safer for its guests, staff, and vendors. Click here.

Along with making infrastructural changes that support social distancing, this program also includes routine disinfection as well as other practices. This makes all operational Westgate Resorts locations a top choice for travelers during the novel coronavirus.

2. By Focusing on Health Advice, Hilton Hotels & Resorts Lives Up to Its Reputation

As one of the world’s biggest hotel brands, Hilton Hotels & Resorts holds a distinct reputation. It has risen to the occasion during COVID-19 and introduced policies such as CleanStay with Lysol and Dettol.

Along with enforcing health and safety measures throughout its facilities, the brand is also offering more relaxation in bookings. With the backing of medical advice from Mayo Clinic, Hilton stands right alongside the Westgate CARES Program in terms of its efficacy.

3. Due to Its Holistic Safety Practices, Marriott Also Doesn’t Lag Behind

Marriott is yet another international hotel brand that doesn’t need much introduction. In order to sustain its large-scale operations, the hotel has focused on reopening and running its facilities while reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Under the Marriott Cleanliness Council, disinfection and flexible booking policies have been in check through the early days of the pandemic. As the brand continues with its operations during COVID-19, it has also executed some infrastructure changes to make social distancing easier for everyone.

4. With Suggestions from Medical Experts, Hyatt Also Makes Its Facilities Safe

As a global hotel brand, Hyatt faces immense pressure to fulfill the problematic COVID-19 era requirements. To rise to the challenge, the hotel chain has also partnered with health experts from the Cleveland Clinic to make its facilities safe for everyone through different steps.

These measures have earned Hyatt a badge of distinction during the pandemic. This means that if you are considering staying at a hotel in the next few weeks, looking into the brand might not disappoint.

5. Via Disinfection and Health Safety Practices, Best Western is Also Caring for Its Guests

Through its modern architecture and competitive services, Best Western brings optimal enjoyment to short trips, couple getaways, and family vacations alike. The company has doubled down on its commitment to deliver the same level of comfort to its clients during COVID-19.

With the company’s new program dubbed as We Care Clean, it is focusing on disinfection and health safety measures. If you are visiting a location where the Westgate CARES Program isn’t available, you can safely go with Best Westerninstead.

6. Through Disinfection and Cleaning, Choice Hotels International is Curbing the Spread of COVID-19

Choice Hotels International has its operations spread across more than 40 countries. This makes it one of the biggest hotel chains globally that also has a reputation to maintain. This is especially critical during a global pandemic, where the brand has to lead by example.

With its Commitment To Clean program, Choice Hotels is doing just that. Along with using disinfection practices, the hotel is also following social distancing and flexible booking measures. This makes the hotel a safe choice for travelers.

7. With Its Response Teams, Radisson is Also Handling the Pandemic Head On

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread across the world, Radisson activated its response teams across its global facilities. That action paid off and resulted in optimal social distancing and other safety measures.

With its partnership with popular inspection and testing firm SGS, Radisson ensures that it continues to follow proper practices such as regular disinfection. Similar to the Westgate CARES Program, this results in a safe environment for guests who visit the brand’s facilities.

8. Intensive Cleaning and Social Distancing is Helping IHG Make Its Facilities Safe

The InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is yet another big player in the hospitality industry that is currently managing the sudden shift in the sector. During the novel coronavirus threat, it has emerged with its Clean Promise initiative that focuses on measures such as disinfection through critical areas.

This particular approach makes sure that the brand helps its visitors and employees remain safe during the pandemic. Along with practical social distancing steps, this contributes to reducing the spread of COVID-19 through the hotels’ premises.

9. Via Cohesive Mechanisms, Wyndham is Offering Assurance to Its Guests

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is another global hotel chain that has taken the COVID-19 challenge head-on. With its partnership with Ecolab experts, the company has further augmented its disinfection practices and its flexibility for bookings.

With this, the firm has also put in new social distancing measures in place, similar to the Westgate CARES Program. Altogether, this ensures that the guests and staff around the brand’s global facilities can stay under its roof without an increased risk of catching COVID-19.

10. Via Intensive Measures, Accor is Enhancing Its Health and Safety Practices

Since AccorHotels is one of the biggest hotel chains globally, its decisions also have some of the most significant reactions from the industry. But that hasn’t stopped the hotel chain from taking drastic safety steps during COVID-19.

Most recently, Accor scaled back its operations to stop services that were not safe to operate during COVID-19. The hotel also launched its ALLSAFE Cleanliness & Prevention Label to ensure its commitment to intensive disinfection. With social distancing and flexible bookings, these practices make the hotel chain safe for its guests.

By keeping these facilities in mind, you can quickly move forward with your travel plans during COVID-19. With the steps taken by these brands, you can carry out your trips without having to worry about your health and safety.


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