Holidays and its scents: the best Italian holiday destinations matched with perfumes

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From Tuscany and Liguria in the North to Sicily in the South, from Florence and Venice towards the sun of Sardinia: Italy is a country that is full of treasures.

Italy’s landscapes are an alluring combination of contrasts; whether it be striking mountain chains like those in Trentino-Alto Adige or the picturesque area around Lake Como. Lots of people enjoy their holidays at these destinations, and they have a reason to do so. Perfumers also love these destinations and use them as inspiration for their perfumes. In this article, we will dive into perfumes that are matched with Italian landscapes.

Amalfi coast: fresh lemon scents


Perfumes inspired by the Amalfi coast generally include lemon scents. Next to these tones, they are often combined with scents from other areas. For example, the lemon works well with bergamot from the area of Calabria. The perfume Ocean Rain by Mario Valentino features bergamot, lemon, and petitgrain. Another perfume that embodies the lively lemon perfume of the Amalfi coast is Maison Margiela’s replica; it contains notes of coriander seeds, tea leaves, mandarin and Mediterranean breeze.

From the hills of Tuscany: lavender and balsamic notes


Once you have experienced Tuscany, it is hard to leave this area and the sights of its hills. There are lots of perfume inspirations in the perfume landscape of Tuscany. Florence’s perfume Profumi di Firenze expertly reproduces the green tones of the Tuscan countryside. Next to that, there are other perfumes by fashion designers that can be considered. For example, Acqua di Parma has a version that is based on Tuscany, called the Cipresso di Toscana.

Portofino and the Riviera: a fresh breeze and beautiful ocean sights

When most people think about holidays and perfume, the first thing that comes into mind is probably not Portofino. Perfumes that are inspired by this region are a fresh breeze of perfume inspirations; it includes the scent of citrus and marine notes. Tirrenico by Profumi del Forte perfectly captures these notes and is a great perfume to wear during the summer months. Another example that finds its origin in this area is the perfume called Assoluta Edizione Riviera Acqua di Parma.

In the hills of Sicily: orange perfume bouquet

The perfume landscape of Sicily features strong perfumes with bright tones; these are usually inspired by the scent of oranges. Apart from fragrances that have plant-based perfume elements. Niche perfume brands love to draw inspiration from this area. For example, perfume brand Escentric Molecules has a perfume called Patchouli from Assisi that is an olfactory homage to Luciano Pavarotti; it contains orange and bergamot tones for the perfume bouquet. Soili perfume by Il Profumo di Firenze also features citrus notes in their perfume collection.

Figs in the south of Italy: a perfect blend of scent


The South of Italy is known for the consumption of fig fruits, especially in the summer. These fruits not only have great taste but perfectly blend in perfumes. A good example is the Fig leaves perfume by Officina Delle Essenze. This perfume features the scents of fig leaves. Next to that, the perfume is enriched with scents of other fruits. It is the perfect companion for your summer holiday. Especially with the breeze of the ocean, the perfume works out outstandingly. Other perfumes are inspired by the scent. In perfume Adorno (2013), they use fig leaves from the area of Capri for this perfume. 

In Sardinia: a relaxing perfume


In the case of perfume inspiration for the island of Sardinia, it is all about relaxation and letting go. The beautiful landscapes help you do this with ease. Sardina is a lovely island with lots of scents ranging from fruits to flowers. Naturally, many perfumes extract inspiration from this area. An example is the Atelier Cologne perfume called Mandarin Eau de Toilette, which is inspired by fruit from Sardinia. This perfume smells of ripe citrus and honey leads to a warm accord; you can wear it in the summer months, but it also has enough depth for the colder months. Another perfume that matches with Sardinia is the Acqua di Sardegna by Nois. This is a fresh scent that combines the road towards the sea with the freshness of water. This means you can expect a combination of patchouli with ambrette grains.

Summer in Milan: perfume with spicy accents

When you think about the area around Milan, lots of images can come to mind. You see perfume-savvy people strolling on the streets of Milan. The streets match this image perfectly, with perfume brands being overly represented in Milan and Lombardy. One of the well-known brands from Milan is Montale. This brand makes a broad range of perfumes inspired by the region. How do the spicey accents of Milan come to life? This is a combination of wood tones and spices, which add dimension to the perfumes.

Perfumes inspired by the capital Rome

The perfume landscape inspired by Rome and the surrounding area is very specific. There are perfume varieties that stand out because this city holds a special place in our hearts. The perfume inspired by the old stones, ancient monuments, and marble streets of Rome is perfume Vivara by Emilio Pucci. This is a perfume that combines scents of green and flowers with a sophisticated mix of earthy and almond tones.

This overview is only a starting point

Italy is a country with many beautiful cities and sceneries and a long history. This means that this overview that matches perfumes with areas is only the start. You can explore Italian niche perfume brands to see what types of perfumes they offer and how they relate to specific Italian regions. Fell in love with a specific region in the country? Simply start searching for perfumes that are inspired by the region and be prepared to be amazed. It is not without reason that Italy can be dubbed as a breeding ground for quality niche perfumes, together with its sister France.


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