Secrets of Berlin (everything you need to know for your visit)

words Alexa Wang

Berlin is a city that is as hip as it is friendly. However, there is a lot you probably don’t know about this city. Much of which can help enhance your trip. Luckily, that is precisely what the post below is about, so keep reading to find out more.

Getting around the city

Like any metropolitan city in Europe, there are a few things specific to the region that you need to be aware of before travelling. The first is that if you plan to drive there either from other parts of Germany or Europe, you need to have an umweltzone sticker on your car. This is a green badge that demonstrates your car meets the environmental standards required for access to the city. Something that both Berliners and Germans, in general, are highly concerned about. Even going so far as to ban the use of diesel vehicles in most cities entirely.

Of course, if you don’t fancy driving yourself, there are other options, including the extensive subway system. Although, be sure that you budget for cash in the right amounts for your journey, because international debit and credit cards are rarely accepted!

Finally, when it comes to walking around Berlin, be sure to take a more American approach. Yes, that’s right unless there is a green light crossing the road is not permitted and can land you in some serious trouble!

What to see

Of course, any travel guide will give you a plethora of places to visit in Berlin. Such as the famous Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and the stunning Berliner Fernsehturm that rises high into the air.

However, if you are looking for something a little more off the beaten track, Berlin will not disappoint.

In fact, fans of the Intrigue podcast will find the Berliner Unterwelten is unmissable. With its maze of underground tunnels used in WW2 and after to help those stranded in east Germany Escape.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more relaxing experience, why not visit the bizarrely wonderful Liquidrom? A modern concrete structure built to resemble a tent that contains a relaxing saltwater spa. The best part of the experience here is that they place one of Berlin’s most famous exports as you bathe. Techno! This being something that makes for a weird but enjoyable and unique experience.

Finally, if time allows, you need to go experience the Monster Kabinett. A steampunk-like nightmare, full of oversized and somewhat terrifying monster robots and automatons.

Novel food and drink

No city break is complete without the chance to sample some of the local delicacies, and Berlin is definitely not an exception to this rule. In fact, when it comes to food, there is a veritable feast on offer with soft pretzels, currywurst, and even delicious Turkish kebabs.

However, if you only have limited time or a limited appetite, there is one dish in particular that you should prioritize. It is, of course, Spaetzle, a thick homemade noodle coated in butter that is the essence of comfort food. If you can, get it with beef roast or dark beer goulash! You won’t be sorry!


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