Top tips on relieving stress this festive season

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It’s the most wonderfully stressful time of the year, isn’t it? And wow, hasn’t it crept up on us quickly. It seems like it was mere moments ago we couldn’t even SPEAK about Christmas because it was so far away, and yet here we are, decorations up, shopping in tow, and December going quicker by the day. Time flies when you’re having fun.

As lovely as the festive season can be, a lot of people don’t talk about the other side of things. It’s been proven that many adults all over the world actually find Christmas to be an incredibly stressful time, because of all of the pressure put on them to spend up and enjoy themselves. It can be a difficult time for those of us who suffer with stress and anxiety, however today we come baring gifts in the form of top tips on relieving stress throughout this festive season.

tips on relieving stress

Don’t Spend More than You Can Afford to

One of the biggest worries at Christmas time, is affording the season itself. People feel under so much pressure to spend like never before, and therefore end up overspending at Christmas, and being in trouble come January. It’s actually been proven that as many as 7.9 million adults across the UK will be likely to fall behind on their regular finances come January because of frivolous spending.

It really doesn’t matter whether you can afford to buy your family tickets for Hamilton in San Francisco, or whether this year a chocolate selection is more fitting to your financial situation. Christmas should be all about the thought behind the gift, not the cost or the extravagance of it. The last thing you want is to end up in a huge pile of debt come January, so when the spending pressure comes around, try and remember this at all times.

Avoid Over Indulging TOO Much

We know, Christmas is the season that’s meant for over indulging in treats that we’d normally limit ourselves with, but is it possible to go over the top with over indulgence? If you’re prone to Christmas stress, then we would say yes, that’s certainly the case.

Nobody is saying don’t have the extra slice of cake, or glass of wine with dinner you wouldn’t normally have if it wasn’t Christmas – we’re not trying to ruin it for you by being boring or overcautious. We’re also not saying miss out on the Christmas party or any other festivities you want and have time to go to. All we are saying, is be mindful of how much you’re indulging this season.

Indulgence, if you go over the top, can put unnecessary strain on your body. Say you’re not normally a big fan of eating sugar, and then you eat an entire cake – it’s obviously going to put some strain on your digestive system, which in turn will put strain on your body overall. It’s such a change for your system, that of course it’s going to cause some stress to its overall functioning.

Likewise, anyone who suffers with feelings of anxiety will know that this is only amplified by a hangover. When you’re drinking and having a good time, those extra few shots that you normally wouldn’t say yes to seem like great fun, but the next day can leave you not only feeling poorly, but anxious and stressed too. Hangovers are proven to provoke feelings of sadness and worry, so if you’re the type of person who is prone to this way of feeling and you perhaps find it difficult to deal with, then think twice before having an extra drink at the work Christmas party.

Again, no one is saying don’t have a good time. Just be mindful of how much you’re putting into your body, and take care of yourself – which leads us very nicely onto our final point.

relieving stress christmas

Be Kind to Yourself

Last of all, we come to possibly our most important point. Above all else, be kind to yourself this holiday season.

We know, it’s a time for giving and spending time with loved ones – but if you need some time for yourself, then don’t hesitate to take it. Whatever self-care means to you, be sure to practice it through December and beyond. Have an early night, read the book you’ve been wanting to for months, or even treat yourself to a lovely dinner and a soak in the bath. It might be the season for giving, but it’s also the season to take a step back, relax, and have time for yourself. Don’t lose sight of that.


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