Enrich Your Skincare Routine with Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr

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Not everyone has the time or money to experiment with the various complicated beauty regimens advertised on our social feeds. Luckily, it’s still possible to keep your skin healthy, glowing and youthful even by using just a few products, provided that they’re carefully chosen.

However, hunting down the best skincare for you in today’s vast world of beauty products is an unbelievably tough challenge. How tough you ask? Tough enough to inspire Australia’s first Victoria’s Secret Model, Miranda Kerr to launch her own skincare brand – Kora Organics.

If you’re wondering whether Miranda Kerr owns Kora Organics or she’s just its brand ambassador, the answer is both! She launched Kora Organics on her own back in 2009, investing her modelling money in producing skincare products that are safe, effective and which she herself can vouch for. Here’s what you should know about this brand and how to boost your skincare routine with the help of the clean and innovative range of Miranda Kerr cosmetics .

How Kora Organics Came to Be

kora organic

In an interview for British Vogue, Kerr explained that after becoming aware of the harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals found in skincare products, she spent years searching for certified organic products which delivered results, but was unable to find them. That’s when she decided to take the first step towards developing a nourishing skincare line free of nasties and full of natural skin-loving ingredients.

Being a qualified holistic health practitioner herself, Kerr worked closely together with her team of researchers who specialize in organic chemistry and microbiology to identify key ingredients such as noni extract, green tea and rosehip oil. The combination of scientific research and the power of nature brought Kerr’s vision to life and the rest was history. Today, Kora is a top-selling and multi-award-winning brand with thousands of satisfied customers all around the globe.

But is Kora Organics cruelty-free? 100%. What’s more, the majority of Miranda Kerr cosmetics are certified vegan, and there are many reasons to use vegan makeup and skincare products as opposed to conventional ones.

Plus, the whole line is certified organic by the international authority COSMOS. Kora Organics uses only the finest certified organic and natural ingredients and that’s what sets Miranda Kerr’s products apart. Carefully choosing what you put on your skin is extremely important because as Kerr likes to put it, it soaks in. And from the potent natural ingredients found in the Kora products, you can get nothing but benefits.

The Special Ingredient

kora organic

Noni extract is the key ingredient that marks this whole skincare line and one of the main reasons Miranda Kerr products deliver such amazing results. This fruit-bearing plant has been used since ancient times as a vital source of nutrition as well as to treat numerous health conditions thanks to its natural healing power. It’s also considered a sacred plant in ancient Ayurveda medical practice, symbolising longevity.

Noni fruit and its juice contain more than 100 vitamins and minerals which have great benefits for the skin. For one, noni is great in boosting hydration and can act as an anti-inflammatory agent, preventing breakouts. Additionally, noni can aid in collagen production, thus improving the skin tone, elasticity and plumpness.

Building the Perfect Beauty Routine with Miranda Kerr Skincare

The first step towards building an effective skincare routine is determining the best products for your skin type. For instance, while foamy cleansers are great for oily skin, they are too drying for dry skin. Luckily, Kora Organics has products that can cater to all skin types. Dry, sensitive, combination or oily, Kerr has got you covered. With that being said, here’s how you can build a simple, yet highly effective and clean beauty routine with Miranda Kerr cosmetics.


Skincare Routine

Every skincare routine should start with cleansing. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider trying the Kora Organics Gentle Cleanser. This product is specially developed to gently wash away all the excess oil, dirt and makeup residue without aggravating your skin. The combination of organic noni, chamomile and calendula extracts will nourish your skin and leave it looking fresh and radiant.

Those with oily or combination skin will benefit from the soap-free foaming cleanser enriched with aloe vera, green tea and sandalwood. This formulation won’t only purify your skin, but it can also protect it from free radicals damage.

And if you have dry skin, you’re going to absolutely love the luxurious cream cleanser. The organic aloe vera, avocado and macadamia nut oils work together like magic to restore the skin’s pH balance. This product will gently cleanse your skin and boost hydration at the same time, something that you rarely get from most cleansers.


organic Skincare

After you’re done with cleansing, now it’s time to energise your skin and prepare your pores to absorb all the nurturing ingredients. Thanks to Kerr’s amazing line of toners, you’ll be done with this step faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Just a few spritzes of the Energising Citrus Mist is enough to refresh your skin and get that radiant glow. This precious gem will awaken all your senses, and what’s best, it’s suitable for all skin types. The organic noni in combination with the lemongrass extract will revitalise your skin and leave it looking better than ever.

Noni extract is also found in the Calming Lavender Mist which is a slightly gentler option. This product will calm your skin, as well as your mind, body and soul thanks to its soothing lavender scent. You can even use it over makeup as a lock-in spray to keep it looking fresh.


organic Skincare

Whether it’s fine lines or uneven skin tone, Kora Organics brings you an effective solution for almost every skin concern. If you want to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you should include the Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum in your night-time skincare routine. This powerful treatment is suitable for all skin types and it will take your beauty sleep to the next level. The superior blend of natural AHAs, BHAs and antioxidants will help you restore your skin’s plumpness and vitality while you sleep.

For best results, use it after you’ve cleaned your face and follow up with Miranda’s personal favourite, The Noni Glow Face Oil. This product has won multiple international beauty awards thanks to the specially developed formulation which nourishes, smooths and brightens the skin at the same time. And the best part is, you don’t have to wait for ages to see the results. According to Kora Organics consumer studies, you can kiss visible imperfections goodbye after just 4 weeks. Now that’s impressive.


Skincare Routine

Moisturising may be the last step of your skincare routine, but it’s key to maintaining a healthy and youthful-looking complexion. If you want to give your skin the ultimate TLC, look no further than the luxurious yet delicate Hydrating Moisturiser by Kora Organics. The rich and creamy formulation can do wonders for your skin thanks to the powerful blend of noni, chamomile and evening primrose oil.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll be amazed by the Soothing Moisturiser which uses a mix of gentle lavender and chamomile to hydrate and replenish your skin. It’s also worth mentioning that Kora’s moisturisers contain natural Hyaluronic Acid which locks moisture in and plumps the skin.


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