Planning to move to Idaho? Here’s What to Do

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Over recent years, many Americans have decided to call Idaho their new home, and the trend continues. People move to the Gem State for different reasons but it’s safe to say that low costs of living in combination with high quality of life are what makes it equally attractive for retirees, families with kids, and singles on the lookout for great career opportunities.

Indeed, Idaho has everything one may hope for in a state to live in, from the great outdoors to the most modern facilities, and from the low unemployment rate to the high level of safety. 

Well, if you are of those who are thinking of moving to this state, you will have plenty of chances to see all these benefits with your own eyes. However, to make the most of your relocation, you need to be well-prepared for what is coming next, meaning there are a lot of things to figure out and to do before saying hello to your new place. Lucky for you, we’ve done a great deal of legwork to give you a hand, ready to share some valuable expert advice and useful tips for the smoothest experience. 

So, planning to move to Idaho? Read on to find out what to do and where to start!

Decide On Housing

Of course, it’s a no-brainer but Idaho’s offering is so diverse that you may find the process of choosing your future home pretty overwhelming. Luxurious waterfront property in the Boise area? Wonderful smart home in Meridian? Custom estate at a huge gated ranch? A cozy apartment with modern amenities and innovative design? In fact, a realtor in Meridian like Stewart Realty can tell you that the widest choice is one of the best things about the place. There are houses for sale in a variety of categories that fit all the criteria you can think up. 

It’s worth mentioning that homes there are pretty new because the great bulk of them was built after 2000. Plus, the construction sites can be seen scattered across the edges of the state, meaning that even more new comfortable properties will soon be available around Boise, in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and other parts. Due to a quite low density of population, Idaho is an ideal place for all people who value their privacy and want others to value it too. Rest assured, here you won’t be bothered by neighbors, traffic, and many other attributes of life in a big city.

Research Your Options

As already said, people move to Idaho for different reasons. Some are looking for an escape from crazy busy cities with their noise, pollution, and hours of commuting while others are attracted by a plethora of job opportunities offered by this one of the fastest-growing states. You know your own goals and desires, hence try to figure out whether or not you will be able to reach them. What will you do for a living? Will you easily find a sought-after job? Will your salary cover your needs? Will your kids get a quality education? Or, if you move as a retiree, will you have a better life there than you would have at your current place? Will you be able to stay in touch with your children and grandkids in the way you’d like it? 

You should know that the majority of Idahoans work for various government agencies and in the healthcare industry. By the way, healthcare employers are on top of the list of the highest-paid workers across the state.  While the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour within the Gem State is one of the lowest throughout the country, the low costs of living fully compensate for it. Did you know that almost everything in Idaho is cheaper than in other places? 

In addition to the healthcare industry and government agencies, the agricultural sector can also brag of a large number of employees. If anything, Idaho’s other nickname is the Potato State! However, if you are looking for a job in property management, software and web development, animal care, and real estate, you will also have plenty of options at your disposal.

Optimize Moving Costs

Moving to another state is a life-changing decision in many ways. However, before starting to dream about your new beginning at the other end of the country, do not forget to develop a sustainable plan on how you and all your stuff will get there. You will be surprised to know how many people have failed to properly calculate their moving costs, ending up with a heck of a lot of unexpected expenses. To find yourself in a completely new place with a dwarfed budget is definitely not the easiest and most pleasant way to start a new life. More than that, it can negatively affect your ambitious plans on buying or renting a home.

If you are on a pretty tight budget, make sure to be wise and try to optimize your moving costs. Of course, a lot depends on how far your current location is from Idaho but why not save up to 40% just by choosing to relocate off-season? Believe it or not, the majority of moves happen between March and October, which makes perfect sense because families with kids do not want to interrupt the school year of their children, plus, people generally feel that everything goes much smoother when it’s warm and sunny. So, if you are not afraid of cold weather and somewhat greyish sky, consider planning your move for Winter and you can count on a serious discount. 

Idaho move


Idaho is famous for its awe-inspiring landscapes, amazing wildlife, beautiful parks, and unique recreational areas. Whatever your reasons to call the Gem State a home, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy an array of exciting outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, rafting down the hell-roaring rapid rivers, and exploring mountain trails. The point is if you still do not have a hobby, moving to Idaho is a great chance to get one! 


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