5 social media habits that are technically cheating

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Social media can be a source of enjoyment and pleasure in so many respects, but it can also be a tool for mischief. Most of us take great delight in utilizing our various social media accounts for their prime function: allowing us to be sociable.

But for a minority of site users, social media presents an opportunity to be less than charitable when interacting with others online. For some, signing up for certain websites or apps will allow them to behave dishonestly. Research has been undertaken into ways in which social media habits have adopted a destructive edge, and this study has revealed five particular habits that can justifiably be termed cheating.

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The images you upload have transformed from innocent to Rated R

Your partner might be used to your posting pretty standard photos of yourself, selfies taken before some interesting backdrop, or a simple portrait of you salivating over a meal you’ve lovingly put together. Suddenly, however, you begin focusing on your sensual side. For females, this might mean presenting gratuitous cleavage shots or close-ups of that bikini you’re trying on before a summer break. For guys, this could be images of you sweating in the gym. Your partner will wonder who you’re trying to impress?

Excessively dwelling on the profiles of third parties

You might consider browsing through various profiles on Facebook as being part and parcel of normal user activity. But how would your partner feel if they studied your Internet history and discovered you’d spent an inordinate amount of time checking out the activities of a particular person, someone they don’t even know? If you’re taking every opportunity to review the timeline and accompanying images posted by some random, your other half would be quite justified in being concerned about why you’re so interested.

Remaining in close contact with an ex

One of the commonest grievances amongst Facebook users is the way a partner might be tempted to keep in touch with people no longer in their lives, primarily ex-lovers. Unlike the offline world, where considerable effort needed to be employed to touch base with a former partner, with social media you can keep tabs on an old flame within a few clicks of a keyboard. As well as checking out their current activities, you can comment on their posts or even send DMs. No wonder your partner would be left wondering if you are hoping to rekindle that old flame.

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Flirting under the cover of Direct Messages

Anyone wishing to make suggestive remarks to someone outwith the other party in their relationship would avoid using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram timelines. If you’re going to be straying into territory that could be construed as cheating, you wouldn’t want your messages to face public exposure. But Direct Messages represent a whole different ball game. Here you could get as flirtatious as you wish, safe in the knowledge that the texts you send will only ever be read by the person they’re addressed to. These messages can be as candid and to the point as you wish.

Becoming personal in your messaging

Within social media messaging or plain old-fashioned emailing, there’s a constant requirement to take short-cuts. Rather than composing lengthy spiels about whatever subject, there’s a whole arsenal of emojis that can be substituted for words, conveying the same emotion in a fraction of the space. There can be a temptation to insert your messages with all manner of suggestive cartoon images, such as eggplants or donuts. The person at the receiving end of this content can very easily jump to the wrong conclusion.


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