Spanish foodie holiday: 5 places you must sample

Spanish foodie holiday: 5 places you must sample – words Al Woods

There are a very few countries who have the history and reputation for great food like Spain does. Notorious delicious, fresh, and home to tapas, Spain is the ultimate destination for any food lover. It’s no wonder that Spain frequently features on top ten lists for the world’s greatest food destinations.


San Sebastian and the Basque Country

The ultimate foodie dream is San Sebastian and the surrounding areas. This city alone boasts three restaurants that have three Michelin stars each, but you won’t be put out for taste if you were to visit anywhere else. When there, be sure to try their pintxos, which are small but delicious servings of food that feature fresh, local produce at their finest.

Top Foods to Try in San Sebastian
Some top foods to try in this area include:
  1. Salt Cod
  2. Hearty Stews
  3. Idiazabel Cheese
  4. Txakoli Wine

Be experimental and inventive with your meals, and you will be sure to have your taste buds changed forever.


Galician food can be found throughout Spain, but to really enjoy the fresh and not-to-be-beaten taste, you must visit Galicia itself. This north-western community is also home to some stunning beaches and coasts, so when you are eating your way through the area you will also be treated to some truly beautiful natural wonders like the Cíes Islands.

Top Foods to Try in Galicia

Some top local dishes and drinks you must absolutely try on your visit to Galicia include:

  1. Galician-Style Octopus
  2. Steamed Mussels
  3. Padron Peppers
  4. Galician Stew
  5. Tetilla Cheese
  6. Galician Empanada
  7. Albariño Wine

Alicante is a city along the beautiful Costa Blanca coast, and as such is home to some beautiful scenery, stunning towns, and, of course, delicious food. It is a unique place to visit as well, as it has its own unique version of the Paella, made with fish broth instead of chicken or rabbit. When there, do remember to visit its old town, as this charming neighbourhood has all the beauty you could ask for in a city.

Top Foods to Try in Alicante

There are so many incredible dishes to try in Alicante, sure to suit everyone’s tastes. The top of our list are:

  1. Denia Prawns
  2. Salazones

Great for tapas, salazones are salted fish that are incredibly tasty.

  1. Esgarrat

Cod, mixed sweet red peppers, garlic, and olive oil for the perfect starter or accompanying tapas.

  1. Any of their artichoke dishes
  2. Arroz a Banda

A type of Paella that many consider being better than the original.


From restaurants to fresh food markets, Barcelona is a haven for food lovers of all kinds. Perfect to taste the wonders of Catalan cuisine, as well as try foods from around the world. The city is beautiful, the culture is rich, and there is so much to see and do from mountain-side parks to beaches. When going to Spain, go to Barcelona.

Top Foods to Try in Barcelona

There are so many amazing dishes in Barcelona to enjoy and taste, not to mention a wide variety of incredible cafes, restaurants, and bars to enjoy. Tapas is particularly popular here, and for good reason, so when you are sitting down for dinner remember to try the:

  1. Seafood
  2. Calçots, green onion served with romesco sauce
  3. Patates Braves, spicy potatoes
  4. Xipirons, fried squids
  5. Manchego Cheese
  6. Spanish Ham
  7. Paella

Valencia is a stunning city with some truly great things to do and see throughout. You can go to see a world-class aquarium, visit the Holy Grail, and so much more. What you might not consider, however, is that Valencia is the birthplace of the Paella, the infamous Spanish dish that brings together rice and seafood into one harmonious meal.

Top Foods to Try in Valencia

Some top foods to try while you are in Valencia include:

  1. Paella
  2. Fideuà, a noodle version of paella
  3. Horchata and Fartons, a unique milkshake-type drink
  4. Roasted Artichokes

You will eat well when you visit Spain, of that there is no doubt. Go in with an open mind and go for tapas when you can so that you can taste a wide variety of these dishes without committing. Eating here will give you a whole new meaning of foodie, and make all the food back home pale in comparison. It doesn’t even matter so much where you go, just so long as you indulge in the delicious local dishes there are on offer.


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