How to Make Sure Your Coffee Is Always Fresh

words Al Woods

make fresh coffee

We drink caffeine daily; in the morning, after lunch or in the afternoon. Well, as we all know, coffee is caffeinated and we don’t drink it just to stay alert, but we love how it tastes and the mood it puts us in!

We keep searching for coffee places to have our favorite drink, but we always have comments about it, either it’s too bitter, too sweet, or just not fresh enough.

So why not take matters into our own hands and give ourselves the cup of happiness that we deserve?

Clean The Device 

This is the first and most important step, as any impurities in the machine will reflect on how the coffee will taste like. So, back to the basics and cleaning by using a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar. Pour it in the water compartment and turn it on. After the cycle ends, brew again by using water only to remove any vinegar left. You should clean it after every brew to maximize the quality of the coffee. Also, you will minimize the need for deep cleaning and using strong cleansing materials that may scratch the brewer, such as baking soda. Either way, you should remove deep stains every 6 months.

Beans selection

First of all, if you have the choice between pre-ground coffee or whole beans, you definitely should get the fresh ones, because we are doing this from scratch. You will get confused when you look at all the available kinds, but choosing the right beans is an art and we are here to pass it on to you. Sometimes, we don’t have the time so if you have to get the pre-ground one, make sure that it was ground a week before you bought it and is properly sealed.

make fresh coffee

Proper Storage

Moisture is your enemy when it comes to storing the beans. Our purpose is to keep the beans as fresh as possible for a long time without humidity ruining them. So, always store them in an airtight container at room temperature. Also, the more opaque the container is, the better, because light can affect the quality and flavor of the coffee. You’d be amazed when you know that it can still be fresh after 9 months if stored correctly!


The easiest way is by using a grinder, but you can still enjoy your beans by using a blender or a mortar and pestle. For the freshest coffee, grind what you’ll instantly consume, as it will lose its taste within 30 minutes. Moreover, if you’re making more than one cup, grind each batch separately. The size matters, so, don’t grind too coarse as the flavor won’t be easily extracted, while if it becomes too fine, over-extraction will result, leading to a bitter taste. That’s why it’s best to have a medium grind. 

The Water

It’s a crucial factor because water saturated with minerals will not bond well with the grind, while distilled water will leach out all of the minerals from the metal brewer and ruin it by time. Also, familiarize yourself with the golden ratio; where one part of coffee is used to six parts of water. Do you ever drink coffee and think to yourself that it’s tasteless? A faulty ratio is actually why your taste buds didn’t recognize the flavor. Why you should add coconut oil in coffee? This might be interesting to know the answer, but you can try doing it based on some coffee experts that you can check online.

Pre-Infusion and Brewing

This is not overrated as some of you may think, because when professional coffee makers tested pre-infused to regular coffee, there was a drastic change in taste. Well, you gently soak the coffee in the water to avoid any inconsistencies and allow water particles to extract the taste evenly. It is done at a lower pressure than the one you will use for brewing. Without it, carbon dioxide will enter and stand in the way of equal distribution.

After that, brew at an optimal temperature, and don’t raise it because you’ll either rush it and have an under-extracted coffee, or you will burn it. Lastly, experiment with the brewing time, as it differs from machine to machine, so read the manual and keep trying until you have the perfect cup!

Now, you can have a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home while reading and listening to your favorite tracks. You don’t have to go all the way to a coffee shop or settle for the instant coffee that you have been drinking out of availability. You can grind, store, and brew the beans accurately by following these few tips. If your mood was boosted before, we assure you that your next homemade coffee will give you real euphoria! 


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