Where to stream films and series besides on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

words Al Woods

As we await the departure of the coronavirus for good, some of us are still in lockdown for periods of time. We have been going through these home confinements, so many times by now, that many of us have watched all there was to see on Netflix and Amazon.

So, what are your interesting options in Europe? Here are a few sites you should visit if you are looking for something new and different to watch online.

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Rearranging the House Setting

We know how difficult it can be to organize the family, in a way that everyone gets to have their share of exercise in the house, while also benefit from the main entertainments system located in the living room, where we usually do the push-ups, sit-ups and our stretching. But there is a great trick you should try, if you are afraid that the TV will soon fall on the ground, due to all the movement, or simply to gain more space. With a tv bracket or a wall mount, you will feel much safer about letting the kids run around, so they can let out their excess of energy. Then, you can all get together in the evening and try one of these few streaming sites!


If you can’t compete with the big boys, using the same tools, then you need to create something different that will attract a certain type of viewers. That is what Mubi did, by presenting 30 films in 30 days, which they have hand-picked. Some are classics and cult films, others are masterpieces. It is perfect for those who hate to choose. You will need to keep up though, because if you don’t, the 30 films will not be available anymore when the end of the month will arrive!

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What do you get when you join two of the largest broadcasting systems in the UK together? That would be BritBox. This streaming site is a collaboration between the BBC and ITV. It makes for an exquisite choice of content, if what you are looking for is in English.


If you are looking for something really different than Viki is what you need. In Europe, it is distributed through Rakuten. This streaming platform specializes in Asian films and series from China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. All shows have subtitled, so don’t worry if you have yet to learn any of these languages! You can also get the channel through Chromecast.


Many of you will enjoy this particular streaming site, as it features anime. These cartoons from Asia are extremely popular all around the world. With hundreds of shows and movies available, it is the place to go to for a particular evening (if you have never watched any) or to binge if you are already a big fan of the genre.


Looking for a free site? One that is legal that is… Then go to Kanopy. All you will need is a library or a university card and you’ll be able to stream one of the largest collections of classic and independent films. Those who love foreign films will go bonkers.


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