5 Essential Steps To Become A Mobile App Developer In 2021

words Alexa Wang

There are several essential steps to become a mobile app developer in 2021. According to recent data, the average mobile application developer in the United States earns over $100,000 per year. With this positive job outlook and rapidly growing demand, many individuals are interested in a mobile app development career.

Of course, you may be overwhelmed thinking about where to start. As a beginner getting started, you can follow several steps to secure a career as a mobile developer. With the right process and dedication, you can build a tech career that you are passionate about. Read on to learn about the most essential steps to become a mobile app developer in 2021.

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Obtain Proper Skills & Training

First, you need to obtain the proper skills and training to kick start your mobile app development career. To do this, there are a few different paths you can take. For example, you can build your coding skills by enrolling in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program. Many individuals choose to get their degree in computer science or a related discipline, such as management of information systems of mathematics. Alternatively, you can attend a coding bootcamp program. Typically, these are short-term technical training programs designed to teach students practical and job-ready skills. Whichever program model you choose, you typically gain skills in software design, coding, and exposure to popular development methodologies, such as agile. Before you move on, consider any additional valuable skills that you will need when applying for a job.

Install Development Tools

Next, you should install reliable development tools suited to the types of applications you are looking to build. For example, many developers who create deployments on Kubernetes clusters download a JFrog Container Registry to store their Docker containers and Helm Chart repositories. Notably, this advanced containerization software provides reliable, consistent, and efficient access to your remote Docker registries. Additionally, it is designed to support your current and future business model with on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. This is a great tool to install if you are thinking about starting a software development company or working for one. Indeed, container registries are used to power some of the world’s largest organizations’ applications. Of course, install development tools that are best-suited for your deployment platform.

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Practice Programming An App

In addition, it is essential to practice programming an app before you can start developing for clients. To do this, start by thinking of an idea designed to solve a problem that people face in everyday life. Next, you can lay out the details of your app’s interface. Ideally, you should make your application easy to navigate and understand for your end-users. Once you have secured your idea, you can build a minimum viable product (MVP) using prototyping software. Importantly, this is a version of your application with minimal features. Often, developer show this to clients early on in the development process to get feedback as they progress through the software’s iterations. After you have an MVP, be sure to test your app for functionality glitches and security vulnerabilities.

Release Often

Moreover, you should release apps often as you build your career. Remember, building mobile app prototypes is key for developers. This is because you can try out your ideas quickly and make changes if something is not working. Surely, this is approach is more time-effective than spending six months on an application that does not pan out. In addition, you can speed up your release time by installing automation test tools. Many of these are designed to automatically move from one procedure to the next. This way, you can spend more time on higher value tasks, such as coding and software testing. Of course, you should also conduct user testing on your projects to ensure your apps are easy for your end-users to navigate.

Apply For An Internship

Once you have essential technical skills and background knowledge, you can apply for a mobile app development internship. Many internships are designed to set you up working with an app company to learn processes they use to complete their projects. Typically, you get to work on projects throughout the app development cycle as well. Many mobile app development internships have paid positions. Plus, developers on the team may be able to help you secure an entry-level position by writing you a letter of recommendation. To start looking for open positions, you can go to online job boards and search for mobile app developer jobs.

There are several essential steps to become a mobile app developer in 2021. First, it is essential to obtain proper skills and training through a degree or bootcamp program. Next, install reliable development tools suited to your deployment platform. In addition, practice programming an app before you take on any clients. Moreover, release often to build your portfolio. Furthermore, apply for an internship to start your career path with a company. Follow these essential steps to become a mobile app developer in 2021.


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