How to style a leather jacket

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Nothing looks even remotely as cool as a leather jacket. When you think of a badass, a renegade, or a free spirit, you surely don’t picture a guy in overalls.

The leather jacket is also the forever-trendy item of clothing that can make any outfit better. It’s versatile and goes with almost everything if you do it right. 

There are a few classic leather jacket types so everyone can choose which one works best for their lifestyle and liking. 

If you have a leather jacket in your closet or have been wanting one for a while but are not sure how to style it, it’s quite simple.

Here are a few tips on how to style a leather jacket.

leather jacket

Leather jacket styles

There are a few classic leather jacket styles to choose from. Don’t worry. They’re all cool and have awesome origin stories. 

But before that, there’s one important piece of advice. According to, if you’re going to wear a leather jacket, make sure you have the confidence to match because it is a bold statement piece of clothing.

Biker jacket

The must-have piece for any badass was designed for motorcyclists. 

The biker jacket is cropped and short so that the riders could lean into their bikes easily. It has a lot going on with zippers, buckles, lapels, and metal elements.

Field jacket

First created for the military, the field jacket is usually longer and has multiple pockets. Originally the military was making it from cotton but eventually upgraded it to leather.

Bomber jacket

Initially made for pilots for flying back in the day, the bomber leather jacket is a staple in our closets. It’s easily recognized by the puffier shape that’s tighter around the wrists and waist. 

Racer jacket

Arguably a jacket with the coolest-sounding name was made for, duh, racing. Minimalistic and usually with just the zipper racer jackets are slimmer but quite bulky to protect from winds and rain. 

Flight jacket

Leather jackets with shearling lining made quite the comeback in the last few years. As the name indicates, they were made for pilots and were supposed to keep them warm. 

How to style it

There’s not much else needed when wearing a leather jacket. It brings cool air and swag with it automatically. However, you can still have fun and experiment with different styles.

With a dress shirt 

Maybe not the first thought popping to most minds, but pairing a classic dress shirt with a leather jacket, neutral color trousers, and preppy shoes creates an unexpectedly great look. Think bad-boy meets successful businessman meets geek! 

With a turtleneck 

Yes, turtlenecks are tricky and come with a risk of looking like an 80s soap opera star, but give it a shot. Style your turtleneck with your favorite leather jacket, add classic leather shoes, and opt for chinos or chino shorts. This look is perfect for after-work outings and casual weekends.

With a t-shirt

A leather jacket and a t-shirt are as classic as peanut butter and jelly. Try pairing it with high-quality neutral-colored t-shirts or with a V-neck such as the ones from Fresh Clean Tees. Check out their collection here:

Add your favorite pair of dark denim, white sneakers, and you have a

the perfect everyday combination that doesn’t require much planning! 

With vintage band shirts 

This is another hard to beat combination and a great way to wear your vintage band shirts without looking like a teenager. 

If you’re want to elevate the look and go for full Bon Jovi, add Dr.Martens shoes and classic old Levi’s. If not, simple Converse or white sneakers will work perfectly.

With chinos 

A low-key leather jacket can be an excellent substitute for a classic blazer. Pair it with your favorite chinos, leather shoes, and you’re good to go! 

Most of the time, this combo is a great option for the office (well, when we’re back there!).

With a hoodie suggests pairing your leather jacket with a hoodie in a soft cotton jersey and zip-through construction and accessorizing with a leather duffle bag.

It’s a great way to be comfortable yet keep your edge! Best opt for a monochrome hoodie and leave your team sweatshirt for the game. 


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