Stylish gift ideas for your loved one

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When your girlfriend or wife knows what she likes, it can be hard to source the perfect gift that she doesn’t already have. Whether you want a gift for her birthday, anniversary, for Valentine’s Day or “just because”, you want a stylish gift that shows how important she is to you and how much you love her. Here are some ideas that she will be sure to love, from fashion to travel and beyond.

Luxury loungewear

For those times, when you want to spend a lazy day at home, luxury loungewear will make her feel special.  This is also an ideal gift for the woman who works from home when fashion can take a back seat. Wearing a silk robe or matching cotton set at the end of a long day will make her feel special. A high-end pyjama set or niche athleisure brands can be worn often without losing their shape, whilst a cami-top will look stylish paired under sweaters in cooler weather.

Luxury hamper

For a gift that keeps on giving, create a luxury hamper full of items that you know she will love.  This could be a hamper jam-packed with artisanal goods, her favourite wines and some new glasses to drink from. A hamper doesn’t need just to be full of food.  For the artist, fill a basket with top-brand paints, paper and canvases on which she can practice. For the bookworm, include the latest book from her favourite author with a new bookmark in a style she likes along with a new mug and her favourite tea, coffee and chocolate, so she has another excuse to read the next chapter.


A gift of jewellery can become a part of who she and is integral to her daily routine. Alternatively, choose a piece that is worn only on special occasions. Staple pieces for everyday wear are beautifully crafted keepsakes that are comfortable, practical and hard-wearing. The current trend is for bold colours, so choose her favourite or perhaps her birthstone colour. If your lady does not wear jewellery, consider instead 24k gold rose that she can display at home as a daily reminder of your love for her. Otherwise, invest in a watch that is timelessly chic. Don’t forget that you can be creative with some exotic flowers, such as wabara roses, and leave your significant other speechless.

New shoes

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman cannot have too many shoes. Whether for work or a nightclub, stylish footwear will elevate every look and can add a unique touch to every outfit. Choose a pair of statement boots for winter or strappy sandals for summer. Straight leg boots look amazing with long and flowing dresses. The style can be simple and understated or choose a funky pattern. They can also be worn with a short skirt and a long jacket and look great. If you want the very best, choose a designer show with a gold, silver or crystal heel.

A vacation

Taking a break to a place she has always wanted to go to makes a great gift. To make this a surprise, a gift of upgraded luggage will keep her looking good when travelling. You can choose a first-class tech case as approved by Meghan Markle that has slots for every passport, card, visa, and boarding pass as well as all tech cables, a built-in USB, and a portable battery charger.

Alternatively, give her some extra glamour with dramatic yet classic oversized sunglasses or a new wide-brimmed sunhat to protect her movie-star looks.  A round beach towel with fringed edges will be fabulous for the woman who likes to stand out from the crowd.


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