Our top Summer Makeup Trends for 2016

Our top Summer Makeup Trends for 2016 – words Alexa Wang

Summer is finally here, but with it comes the nightmare of replacing your entire wardrobe and swapping your heavy make-up for more lightweight options.

Choosing the right products is one thing, but then working out how to apply it during the summer is another. To help you out, we’ve rounded up five of our Summer makeup trends for 2016, so you can stay on trend all summer long.


Healthy glows

It goes without saying, but no summer look complete without a healthy-looking glow. Whether you decide to travel somewhere warm to top up your tan, or you use a gradual outdoor tanning lotion like the Summer Skin lotion from Tropic Skincare, nothing quite screams summer like a light brown skin. To maximise your look and show off your tan, then apply some glittered powder to your arms and face, and don’t forget to use a quality sun cream with SPF protection during the day to stay safe.

Lip oils

Lip glosses give a colour pop throughout the year, but lip oils are making a splash this summer thanks to their non-sticky design. Some of the biggest names in make-up, including Lancôme and Clarins, are switching to oils and offering products like Juicy Shakers and oil stains. Experiment with different colours and match a statement outfit piece to your lips to really stand out.

Coloured lashes

Summer is all about unwinding and tearing up the rule book, so if you want to add a summery glow to your make-up without overdoing it, then coloured mascara is the way to go. Colours like yellow and orange are perfect for brown eyes, while cool blue colours work for practically every eye colour. If you have light eyes, then a hot pink or red can look dramatic and warming, while a lime green can bring out any eye colour during the summer months. If neon colours are too ‘out there’ for your day-to-day routine, then save the experiment for music festivals or parties.


The word on everybody’s lips for the past year has been contouring, but this summer it’s time to throw away your sponges and go for a more natural look. Top models like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian are fans of non-touring, and you can achieve the look yourself easily and effectively.

Just apply a primer and then even out your complexion with tinted moisture, before completing your look with a highlighter to accentuate your features like cheekbones and nose bridge. Not only is it simple to do, but non-touring is light-weight, sweat-proof and gives you a natural summer glow.


When summer comes, you are more likely to sweat and your make-up could suffer. Luckily, the sandbagging trend is about to change it all. Sandbagging is perfect for sopping up grease from your skin, offering a subtle highlight as well as keeping your make-up in its lines. It is easy to achieve using a sponge to cake on loose powder over foundation and focusing on your eyes and jaw line.

Our top Summer Makeup Trends for 2016 – words Alexa Wang



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