3 superb works of everyday art – wods AL Woods

What is art?

This is a question that’s puzzled scholars for centuries, if not millennia. They scratch their heads, pontificate in wizened tones, argue with the ferocity of lions fighting over scraps of meat and make bold claims about the validity of artistic movements.

Meanwhile, actual artists actually, you know, make art.

Sometimes these are grand pieces that will cover the walls of a gallery for centuries. But more often than not they’re works of pure practicality, whether that means a pot designed for holding tea or a mat for wiping your feet.

We love a work of practical art at Flux Towers – that’s why we’ve found a few of our favourites.

So grab a coffee, take a seat and brace yourself for the kind of work that would make academics baulk – and you’ll find them all lying around your house.


Designer mats

Chances are you don’t give a second thought about your door mat. After the fleeting novelty of placing it at your front door, you’ll wipe your feet on it and walk into your home without the slightest appreciation at the lack of mud trailing across your hallway.

Yet there are many artists looking to change all that with their exceptional designs – and Julie Dodsworth’s just one of them.

Starting as an enthusiastic amateur, Julie has spent years placing her whimsical designs on everything from clogs to colouring books.

But our favourite has to be her range of doormats, stocked exclusively by The Mat Factory.

Her traditional English style would put a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ mat to shame – we’re ordering a few right now!


This one’s a bit of a cheat because many teapots are considered viable works of art – think Grayson Perry’s exceptional designs – but there are many companies making pots that should be more widely appreciated.

Take the collection at Harrod’s as a perfect example. The luxury department store’s teapot selection is worthy of a showing at the Tate Modern.

Their designs range from the regal to the hyper-modern, the art deco to the countryside chic. The benefits of such eclecticism? You’re guaranteed to find one you love.

As this is a luxury store, you’re unlikely to find a pot for less than £150, and some will set you back almost £1000. But if you’re willing to splash some cash, this is a purchase you won’t regret.


You might only view shelves as purely practical, a formulation of wood sturdy enough to place your books and ornaments on.

But not everyone agrees, which is why there’s a huge range of shelving options to add storage space AND style to your home.

Really Well Made is the site of choice if you’re looking for shelving oddities to make your walls more versatile. Give them a look and prepare to be dazzled.

That’s our list. Can you think of any other pieces of everyday art? Then let us know in the comments below!

3 superb works of everyday art – wods AL Woods


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