9 Reliable Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary

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Expand Your Vocabulary

A vocabulary is a vital tool for students, for writers, workers, and more or less everyone. It makes communication more straightforward and understandable. It also opens one’s mind, making it easier to talk, read, listen, and to write.

Not everyone is privileged to have a useful vocabulary, but the good thing is that there are reliable ways of improving it. So, if you often find it hard to choose the right words, this guide is for you. Here are nine reliable strategies that you can try to expand your vocabulary.

1. Read Regularly

Reading is the most reliable method of improving your vocabulary. Reading helps you to study how the authors have used words in the books, or the contents you are reading. For instance, when you notice a new name in the guide you are reading, you will understand its meaning, depending on its context. The more new words you come across, the more you will appreciate them. In this way, you will expand your vocabulary skills.

2. Use the Dictionary

A dictionary is another useful tool for expanding your vocabulary. You can either use the offline dictionary or download the dictionary app on your smartphone or tablet. Dictionary provides a comprehensive meaning of the word. Other than the definition, it shows the spelling, the pronunciation, and the synonyms as well. Look for a good dictionary that you can always refer to when reading.

3. Play Games

Many engaging games make you think, and to connect different words to learn. The boggle and the classics scrabble are great examples of these games. As you play them, you may use this unscramble tool to get the right word suggestions and discover even more new words. Another benefit is that you can play the game with your friends or relatives. There are also some individual games on the internet that you can play during your free time if there are no playmates around.

4. Learn a New Skill

Other than books, you can enrich your vocabulary by diversifying from your daily activities. For your instance, you can start blogging, playing football, basketball, fishing, or any other activity that you have never done before. In your new niche, you will probably learn unique vocabulary aspects to advance your knowledge. This new skill will also kill the boredom of doing the same thing for an extended period.

5. Be Socially Active

You might not advance your vocabulary skills well if you lock yourself up in the room all day. A good social life will help you perfect your listening and talking skills. You will also hear new words every day, and thus, get more vocabulary. So learn to interact with your classmates, with your friends, and even share stories with your family members to enhance your communication skills.

6. Learn the Jargon

Jargon is a group of specific words that relate to people working or studying in some field. For instance, accountants have their jargon, meaning that their vocabulary entails particular words. Doctors have their vocabulary, which differentiates their jargon from the others. When you learn the jargon, you can become a better writer, or enrich your vocabulary through right word selection.

7. Write a Journal

Writing is an excellent way of improving your vocabulary. As you write, you will learn more words and open your mind to understand the right choice for use. Besides a journal, you can write a diary, a short novel, or any other story of your choice. Be persistent and let someone read your work when you are done. Take the corrections positively and gauge your skills.

Expand Your Vocabulary

8. Set a Goal

It would help if you had some goals, or you are determined to improve your vocabulary. Your goal, for instance, can be to learn twenty new words every week. You can also have a goal to read a certain number of books or to do whatever you wish to improve your vocabulary. The best goals should be in written form. Keep a notebook and mark the goals you have accomplished.

9. Use Flashcards

We are living in a digital era where almost everything is available on the internet. With a smartphone, you can quickly gain access to different apps and improve your vocabulary through the flashcards. There are hundreds of educational apps, and the vast array of options makes the flashcards quite convenient. Select the app that best suits you and learn a new word every day.

The above tips will help you to learn more words every day. This guide will also help you know how to choose the right words and place them strategically in a certain context. All you have to do is practice these tips, be persistent, and be disciplined.


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