Optimize Your Mobile with these Basic Tips

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Optimize Your Mobile

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone with them. Whether it is a phone that operates using an android or iPhone, there are different methods to optimize your mobile phone to get the most out of it. The tips mentioned here apply to both Android and IOS mobile phones, but of course, the steps may differ somewhat.

Before going into the different tips that could make using your phone way easier and time-saving, it is worth mentioning that if you are having issues with your phone, whether the operating system or trying to navigate through it, you should look for advice from a good source that won’t use your lack of understanding against you. Experts at iChimp state that it is important that you can understand the troubleshooting advice being given, without feeling talked-down to by those giving you said advice. You could look online for such sources easily.

1- Get Rid of Pre-Installed Apps

When you get a new phone, it is filled up with pre-installed apps that are useless more often than not. When you first start using your phone, you need to find out what apps you are not planning to use and getting rid of them. This will free up a ton of space on your phone.

2- Reduce Data Usage

If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection available all the time, or you usually use your mobile data to browse the internet, this tip is going to be important for you. If you are using an internet browser, you will need to go to the internet browser’s settings and adjust data usage to be minimal. You can also go to the phone’s settings and remove applications from being allowed to use data usage in the background. The best thing about it is that you can easily adjust this change.

3- Shortcuts

Mobile phones are getting smarter over the years and many options have become more accessible to use due to the many shortcuts a phone has. Different motions and taps can be used to open apps or perform a function. For example, to search for anything on your iPhone you simply have to swipe your finger downward and a search bar will appear. Different moves, depending on the type of your phone could do different things such as taking screenshots, opening apps, and starting a screen recording.

4- Customize Alerts

Sometimes, you want to be notified that a person close to you is calling or sending a message so that you can answer right away, or you want to avoid a person’s call. You can have an easier time doing that if you set a specific alert for them when they call or send a message.

5- Manage Your Notifications

If you are sick of the number of notifications that a certain app is sending you, you can easily manage the notification settings for each app. When using an iPhone, you can even do it without having to open the phone. You can just swipe left on the notification and click manage.

6- Switch Up Your Keyboard

This is great when you have your phone in one hand and you can only type using said hand. If this is the case, you can switch your keyboard from being a two-hand keyboard to a single-hand one. This can be done on all types of smartphones to make it easier for you to type in the words you want correctly, minimize spelling errors, and make the typing process go much faster.

7- Use Widgets from the Lock Screen

If you are in need of a widget, such as a flashlight, calculator, or timer, you do not need to type in your password, or use face recognition and start going through your apps until you find what you want. You can easily use widgets from your lock screen. If you are using an iPhone, you will simply tap on the flashlight icon you get on the right when your screen lights up, and swipe upwards. If you want other widgets or are using an Android phone, you simply have to swipe upwards and some settings, as well as widgets icons, will appear.

8- Power-saving Mode

If your phone battery is not fully charged, and you think that it won’t survive for the rest of the day, you can simply turn on the power-saving mode option that most if not all smartphones have. Sometimes, smartphones have more than one power-saving option that you could use to prolong your battery life for a bit.

Using these eight different tips is going to ensure that your mobile phone, whatever brand it may be, is optimized. Of course, you might find some differences in how you can apply these tips, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use them. If you are having issues trying to apply these tips, then you can do some further research about them online to find the explanation and troubleshooting you need.


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