Is Tech a viable option for smart investors?

Is Tech a viable option for smart investors? – words Alexa Wang 

The pension funding crisis in the UK reached a new milestone during the first financial quarter, following the announcement that pension liabilities increased to a staggering £7.5 trillion at the end of 2015.

When you consider that a rising number of Brits are also failing to save for their retirement, we could yet see an entire generation leave the world of work without the necessary funds to support them in their old age.

This is at odds with number of profitable growth markets out there, with the technology sector offering a relevant case in point. But is the technology industry a viable option for smart investors, particularly those who are saving for their retirement?


The Growth of the Technology Market 

There’s no doubt that the global tech market offers potential to the intelligent investor, with recent figures suggesting that it will grow by 4% this year and reach a cumulative value of $3 trillion.

This growth will also impact on numerous sectors within the technology market, with software and technology consulting services expected to see a spending increase of around 4.3% this year. Communications equipment spending will also edge higher by 1.5% over the course of 2018, following considerable growth of 3.1% last year.

Even the much-maligned technology hardware niche is beginning to show signs of life, with the demand for computer equipment set to increase by 3% by the end of this year.

The Key Considerations for Investors 

As we can see, the technology market offers huge potential for investors in the modern age. However, the key to success lies in your execution and creating a suitable strategy to achieve your goals.

Firstly, it’s evident that technology market growth has been most prominent in emerging economies, with industries in China, Indonesia and India expected to record expansion above the average of 4% this year. Sweden, Denmark and the US may also follow suit and investors seeking the most growth who can tolerate the risks could consider targeting assets in these locations.

Fast-growing markets such as China and India may also offer sustainable profitable growth to investors, along with similar economies like Brazil and Russia.

When it comes to targeting such markets and asset classes, you may be best-served by opening a SIPP (self-invested personal pension). Operated by service providers like Bestinvest, this type of pension plan offers you access to a variety of domestic and international investment options, which in turn can create a diverse portfolio that taps into the global tech market.

You can also choose how much input you have into this type of pension with the option of working with expert investment managers to ensure that you make the most from your capital.

Is Tech a viable option for smart investors? – words Alexa Wang


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