The Benefits Of Weightlifting

words Al Woods

With 2023 around the corner, many people are looking at the different ways they can increase their health and muscle mass in the New Year. And what better way to get your body on track than with a brand new training plan designed to enhance muscle growth and strength!

It’s a great hobby to have, helping you relieve tension and stress or even meet new people – making it just as beneficial for your health as well as your social life. Alternatively, if you know of a weightlifting fanatic, you can buy some of the best gifts for weightlifters ahead of next Christmas, to give them something they will use and love for a long time to come. With that in mind, we’re exploring more of the benefits of weightlifting for muscle growth and strength below.

Benefits Weightlifting

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How To Gain Muscle

Gaining muscle isn’t possible overnight, no matter how hard you train. With strength training, such as weightlifting, it’s important to increase the amount of weight you lift over time according to how comfortable you are. This should be done incrementally, according to a fitness plan. Small weight increases every 3 to 4 weeks is a good initial approach, whilst finding a balance between your limit and pushing yourself.

Improved Muscle Mass

When it comes to your muscle mass, it will naturally decline with age meaning that the older you are, the more difficult you may find it to maintain your muscle mass and gain it. Strength training such as weightlifting, however, helps to reverse lost muscle mass, creating the stress and tension required to get stronger.

Increased Bone Density

Weightlifting in particular applies greater tension to our bones, encouraging further bone tissue growth. Overtime, your bones will become stronger and your bone density will increase, lessening your risk of osteoporosis, fractures and osteopenia. Strong bones also offer greater balance and overall support for your body, helping to improve both your posture and appearance. 

Better Flexibility

Weight training requires you to use the same muscles over and over again, increasing your flexibility as a result of the repeated movements. Your muscles are also required to use their complete range of motion when weightlifting, promoting further muscle growth. It’s not just your muscles that benefit, but your joints and ligaments too.

Reduced Injury Risk

Strength training is beneficial for a wide range of reasons, including the ability to reduce your risk of injury. This is because weightlifting increases your muscle strength and bone density, helping you to maintain a better alignment which helps to protect both your bones and joints each time you move or apply stress.

With the New Year within arms reach, now’s the perfect time to start considering how you plan to get fit in 2023. Weightlifting boasts several benefits, not least the ability to increase your strength, bone density and flexibility. Just remember to take it slow, particularly if you are new to strength training, to avoid injury, keeping you in the gym for longer. Good luck!


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