There’s a Dictator in the White House – what we gonna do?

There’s a Dictator in the White House – what we gonna do? – words Lee Taylor

It hard to get it to sink in sometimes. Seeing the rare, pure blue sky outside of my stone cottage just outside Manchester, UK as I sit tapping this out on my laptop.

The thing is there’s a dictator in the White House as I write, finally meeting his friend and ally the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. One of the Russian crew who helped Donald Trump take over America.

Dictator in the White House

The firing of James Comey is hopefully the explosive act that finally wakes up America & the West to the very real threat to democracy we all face. Activist bloggers have been warning for months of the danger America was in. People such as Louise Mensch, John Schindler, Rick Wilson, Claude Taylor and others have done their level best to warn us. Rather than heed the warning though many in the American media have joked, ridiculed and wilfully ignored their lead. There have been some notable exceptions of course including Rachel Maddow MSNBC, Paul Wood BBC, Keith Obermann and Bill Palmer. Plus comedians have kept our spirits up with their barbed Donald Trump satire.

We’ve all been brought up in liberal democracies and so we find it hard to see the signs right before us. Maybe this is why the American mainstream media have been slow and reluctant to fully accept and challenge the dangerous regime in front of them. Maybe they thought fascists still come wearing Jack Boots and speaking in cod foreign accents? Well in the 21st century they dress just like your bank manager (except one is orange) but they are just as deadly as their predecessors. The ‘military look’ they now have to save for the weekends for those invite-only parties behind the closed doors of Mar a Lago or the Kremlin. Don’t want to scare the horses now do we?

donald trump

In fact Donald Trump and his cohorts have been telling us in plain sight exactly who they are and exactly what they think of our democracy. They call the media the enemy, attack the Judiciary and now they have sacked the head of the FBI. How much more do we need to see before we all realise what is going on here?

Donald Trump was helped into power by Putin who has created the model for building a 21st century dictatorship. Putin, Trump and his gang pulled off a coup so bold it will go down in history. Vladimir knows all the tricks to create a 21st century dictatorship. To fool and confuse your own people and the outside world you need to have a fake democracy as well as a subservient media and judiciary.

Once these three pillars have been undermined you can control, intimidate and, if needs be, stamp out or kill any real opposition. You only need to glance at a globe to see what this all means. The US, Russia and Turkey, as an axis, would control the world. Who could stand up to them and their nuclear arsenal? This is why Trump and his gang kept telling us that NATO was redundant during the election campaign. It won’t be needed in a post democratic world. We in the UK would be reduced to being part of a kind of Vichy Europe. Subservient to Russia and its allies the US and Turkey. This is the future that we face unless citizens in and outside the US can stop Donald Trump before it’s too late.

Erdogan has already taken up the mantle. He now has Turkey under an increasingly tyrannical grip. They want to build an allaince that will straddle the globe. Now it’s Trump’s turn. He’s done exactly as Putin told him and it’s working out perfectly. He’s an integral part of the Axis of Tyrants that Putin wants to build. Trump thinks he’s actually doing rather well. With James Comey out of the way he suddenly feels emboldened. There no one to stop him – or so he thinks.

But the judiciary is still in place and the media still has its independence for now. If enough people wake up from their slumber we might be able to stop him before he dismantles democracy. For once he’s done that it’s will be very hard to get it back again.

So if you value democracy and are ever going to act to defend it then it’s kind of now or never.

So anyway, that’s why I wrote and published this and will promote it like hell over social media.

There really is a Dictator in the White House – please follow these people, get involved. They are heroes.

Louise Mensch – and her Patribotics blog

John Schindler

Claude Taylor

Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Rick Wilson

Keith Olbermann

Dictator in the White House

There’s a Dictator in the White House – what we gonna do? – words Lee Taylor


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