How to successfully throw a Dinosaur-themed party?

words Al Woods

Do you want to surprise your child on his/her birthday party? There are lots of options for party planning. Start with a riding t-rex costume that will help you to present a lifelike dinosaur in the party. You can surprise your guests and children with roaring and moving dinosaur. Feel free to plan different activities for your guests, including scavenger hunts. Make refreshments similar to dinosaurs. Here are some ideas to throw a successful dinosaur-themed party.

Present Real Dinosaur in the Party

You can become a lifelike dinosaur in the party after wearing a riding t-rex costume. With a full-body dinosaur suit, you can become an actual dinosaur. Two cables will help you to control the mouth and eyes of the dinosaur. This dinosaur will start roaring automatically, similar to a real dinosaur.

Special Decorations

Start preparation for your party with creative invitations. You can design dinosaur-shaped invitation cards for the party. Make sure to handwrite information, such as time, date and special instructions. For decorations, special stickers with dinosaurs are available in the market. Use these stickers to decorate your invitations.

Dinosaur Footprints

Use cardboards and stencils to cut out prehistoric footprints. You have to create footprints for different dinosaurs and put them on the walkway of your home. Feel free to add these footprints in your hallway.

Decorate your tables with small dinosaurs, images of dinosaurs and small trees. Plastic toys of dinosaurs will increase the grace of tables. To create a historic environment, you can use trees, special lights and smoke. You can hang photos of dinosaurs on different walls. Feel free to print some information about dinosaurs on these photos for children.

Plan Special Refreshment

Dinosaur-shaped food will make children happy. You can prepare food at home, such as dinosaur-shaped cake, cookies, chicken tenders, and baked goods. Dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters are available easily in the market. With these cookie cutters, you can make delicious sandwiches.

Prepare red and green drinks for your guests to replicate swamps and lava. Name your drinks as swamp punch and lava juice. It will be fun to put gummy worms and fish in glasses. With sherbet scoop, you can create extra fizzy drinks.

Decorations for Cakes

A birthday party is incomplete without a cake. It’s also a chance to add that finshing touch to your party theme ideas. To make your cake special, use dinosaur decorations. Create a dinosaur with icing and create a grass-like appearance. Feel free to put edible dinosaurs and plastic trees on the top of birthday cake.

Dinosaur Themed Activities

Play dinosaur scavenger hunt with your guests. Arrange some plastic dinosaurs and hide them around your house. Children will like to search for them in your home. Prepare different teams to let them find dinosaurs. Moreover, you can put dinosaurs in eggs and hide these eggs.

If you want an outdoor hunt, put dinosaurs in small boxes and bury these boxes in the garden. It will increase fun because children will feel like digging up fossils. Feel free to prepare t-shirts with dinosaurs to give as a return gift to children.


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