6 Quick and Easy Tips for Perfect Curls

words Alexa Wang

There are a lot of easy techniques that you can integrate within your hair routine if you want to create and preserve the perfect curls. These methods have been proven to work with those who have curly hair by nature and those who don’t. 

Perfect Curls

There are a lot of things that you can choose from, so you don’t need to stick with one technique if you don’t like it.  For instance, avoiding sulfate is a good premise to have because it destroys curls, but you can also mix it with coiling your strands for instance.  

Avoid Sulfate Shampoo

Unfortunately, most shampoos contain one ingredient; sulfate. This chemical compound is extremely damaging for our hair and here’s why. It’s in our hair’s nature to produce its own oil; these oils are responsible for replenishing the roots and they provide them with a nice sheen. Now, when we expose these oil glands to sulfate, they either dry up and stop producing oil, which leaves our hair shapeless and dry, or make our glands produce extra oils to make up for the dryness, which leaves the hair strands very oily.

Finger Coil Method 

One of the most popular techniques among curly heads is the finger coil method. It’s been proven to be successful and anyone can do it, it’s that simple. All you need to do is apply your favorite hair cream when your hair’s wet. After you’re done with that step, you need to scrunch your hair to create the curls that you want. When you’re done with the scrunching start coiling your hair around your fingers and leave them to dry naturally. It’s best that you cover your hair with a headscarf when it’s drying to avoid any kind of frizz. 

Hair Rollers

If you want to attain perfect curls, but you don’t want to expose your hair to heat, then you need to start looking for alternatives. One of the things that you could use is a hair roller set. This set is made from flexible sticks that you can use to coil your strands around. It’s important to wrap your hair with a head wrap or a hair scarf and keep it there until it completely dries. The best time to do so is when your hair is mildly dry; you don’t want to coil your strands when they’re too wet, but don’t wait until they’re completely dry either. 

Curling Iron

Of course, another thing that you can rely on is a curling iron. Nothing creates perfect curls like a curling iron. In fact, the hair experts from https://hairinsights.com/ explain that this device creates long-lasting curls that will stay in shape for days. It’s best to use a curling iron after your hair has completely dried. Avoid using a hairdryer for better results. Heat can be very damaging for the strands, especially that it makes them brittle and leaves them shapeless and dry. So remember to allow your hair to dry normally and then start curling iron.


We can easily lose our curls when our hair is deprived of certain nutrients. So if you want to compensate for that you can always take hair vitamins that will restore your curls for you. Consider taking vitamin A, C, or D to restore your hair glands, which will give you your curls back. After taking these vitamins you’ll notice the difference in the shape of your curls as well as the consistency.

Hair Oils

If you want to preserve your curls and make them look shiny and healthy then it’s vital that you use natural oils that will do that for you. There are a lot of oils that you can choose from, just make sure that it’s beneficial for the hair. 

Perfect Curls

You can pick anything from jojoba oil, which is perfect for preserving hair texture and shape to coconut oil, which makes your hair glowy and protects its curls. It’s best that you apply these oils once a week and leave them in your hair for a few hours before you shower.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with different curling hair methods; it’s time to try them all and see what works best for you. There’s no doubt that they’ll provide you with the results that you seek, but also it’s possible that one technique will be better for you than the others. Like, one method can take a longer time than expected, and maybe you need something that is less time-consuming. Maybe it’s easier for you to take vitamins than to let your hair soak in oils for hours. So, try them out and decide which hair technique you’re going to add to your routine. 


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