Takeout Again? Try Meal Delivery Instead!

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Try Meal Delivery


You have probably been spending a lot of time working from home due to the lockdown put in place to control the Covid-19 pandemic. If you thought it was easy, think again!

Watching your kids, finishing the household chores, and working from home can have your schedule jam-packed, making your lifestyle busier than ever. With things becoming so hectic and uncertain, you may not find the time to visit the grocery store or cook your meals.

Yes, there are probably a few restaurants in your area that might be offering takeout delivery. But is this a healthy and cost-effective option? Not really!

A healthier alternative would be to subscribe to a meal delivery service that is not only reliable, but you can tailor the meals to fit your families food preferences.

What to Know About Meal Delivery Providers

Meal delivery services vary depending on the service you use. Each subscription will provide you with a box that includes farm-fresh vegetables, fruits as well as every ingredient you need to make the meal. All subscriptions will come with individual packages of pre-measured ingredients along with the step by step recipe. You can also opt for oven-ready boxes that come with pre-prepped meals that only require you to re-heat.

If you are health-conscious, you will love the boxes of premade smoothies. All that you need to do is dump the ingredients into a blender, add some milk or water, and enjoy your nutritious liquid lunch.

You will find many meal delivery subscription services where you get to choose your recipe. Then the service sends you the box with all the ingredients and the recipe. This option allows you to save a lot of time and effort since you don’t have to purchase individual ingredients and prep them for your meal.

When it comes time to choose what meal delivery service you want to try, you should take the time to compare meal delivery providers and choose the best one. Some things to consider when selecting the best option for you and your family include:

Quality and Affordability

One of the most important deciding factors when choosing between meal delivery services is cost. You don’t want something that will go over your food budget, leaving you with very little to cover your monthly expenses.

At the same time, you also don’t want to go for the cheapest option that compromises on the food quality. What you want to find is a meal delivery service that offers you the maximum value for your money. 

Luckily, if you are a meat lover living in Tauranga, you can easily find a quality local meat delivery service that will provide you with the freshest straight-from-the-farm meats. With The Meat Box Tauranga and similar services, you can get organic and locally-sourced food at affordable prices. And if you are vegan or vegetarian, choosing a meal delivery service that prioritizes fresh, organic ingredients and sustainability is a must.

Variety of Options

Eating the same or similar food day in and day out can get boring. And with the current state of the world, you might not have many options when it comes to what food is available at your local grocery store. This is where a delivery service can help you find variety in the meals you prepare. When looking at different options, some things to look for:

  • Make sure the meal delivery service you select caters to everyone’s food preferences. Whether it is organic, plant-based, kid-friendly, gluten-free, pescetarian, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, no-red-meat, or non-GMO.
  • Go with the service that pays special attention to nutrition and gives you a complete nutrition panel with every recipe that it offers.
  • Find a service that allows you to change your meal options when you want to try something new.

Timely Delivery

Promptness of service is one of the main things you want to look for in a professional meal delivery service. You want to make sure they value your time, understand your limitations, and make sure you get your orders on time. If there are any changes or delays, the meal delivery service should inform you ahead of time so that you can make alternate arrangements for your weekly meals.

Ease of Cooking

The entire point of subscribing to a meal delivery service is to keep things simple and convenient. Check out a few to make sure you get the right one for you. The service should provide you with all of the ingredients that you will need to prepare your meal. The ingredients should be individually packaged, prepped, and ready to go. When you are ready to start the meal, you want to make sure:

  • Always read the recipe thoroughly before beginning to prepare your meal.
  • In case you need to have extra ingredients such as salt, pepper, and olive oil, the same should be mentioned in the recipe.
  • Make sure you have all the utensils that you need, to prepare your meal, including the frying pan, pot, cutting board and knife.


Another important thing that you need to consider when comparing meal delivery services is the packaging. You don’t want boxes with leaky ingredients that create more of a mess which deters from the convenience of the meal delivery subscription.

Make sure the service you choose uses eco-friendly material to pack their ingredients. Meal delivery services should use containers that you can easily recycle. This way, you don’t have to worry about adding extra waste to the environment.

Choose the Best Meal Delivery Service

Subscribing to a meal delivery service is a healthier option than opting for takeaway from your favorite restaurant. With all the options available, you can choose the right choice for you and your family. Keep in mind your lifestyle and specific food preferences, and go with the service that best suits your nutritional needs.


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