Top 5 Reasons We Are Loving Online Retail Therapy

words Alexa Wang

Online Retail Therapy

We all love that initial adrenaline rush of making a purchase, but with the reduction in physical stores, finding everything we need without traveling to another city can be tricky. Luckily, online shopping is getting better every day. Here are our top five reasons we are loving online retail therapy.

Saves Time

Trying on outfits and gossiping over fitting room walls with your girlfriends before a lavish lunch is no doubt enjoyable; however, we don’t always have the time for elaborate shopping sprees. When you shop online, you can do so without having to drive to a mall, find parking, or trek from store to store. Instead, with a few simple clicks, you can jaunt between shops, find the right size, and swipe your credit card, all within moments. Your shopping can be done on your lunch break, on your commute to work, or even while binging your favorite Netflix series.

More Choice

Even shoppers lucky enough to live in large metropolitan areas like Manhattan are limited to the choices available in their vicinity if they only stick to in-person shopping. Finding your trusted brands or discovering new ones can be challenging if you aren’t able to cast your shopping bag further afield. For those dealing with the added struggle of hard-to-find sizes, the dilemma of finding particular wardrobe pieces can be near impossible.

Online shopping opens you up to so many more choices. Even with your favorite retail shop, you are far more likely to find the particular color, size, or style that you want online rather than in the store. In addition, you won’t have to worry about out-of-stock items from one specific store.

Free Shipping

There is no doubt that free shipping was a huge reason why so many consumers look to Amazon for everyday purchases. However, more retailers these days are seeing the benefit of offering free shipping, at least with a minimum order amount. This means that you can find designer skirts from one retailer and a jacket to complete the look from another on the opposite side of the country, all without paying one additional cent for shipping directly to your door.

International Brands

Limiting your fashion choices to the brands available in your hometown, state or even country can get incredibly dull. No one wants to be wearing the same items of clothing as everyone else. For those of us that are always on the lookout for unique pieces that match our individualized sense of style, being able to order from international brands is a significant advantage to online shopping.

Socially Conscious

It is far easier to be a mindful consumer online than it is in person. Not only can you research ethically sourced materials and companies offering fair trade products, but you can spend time ensuring your money is put towards issues and demographics that matter to you. For example, it is more personally rewarding to purchase a luxury leather handbag made by women in Zambia than from a bargain bin at the local department store.

The internet has opened us all up to a world of shopping possibilities, and it is time that you take full advantage of what’s available to you.


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