What You Should Wear to Stand Out In a Crowd

words Al Woods

Fashion is typically defined by trends, whereas personal style speaks more to the individual, and it can combine the moment pieces with more classic or retro silhouettes or flourishes. 

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If you want to stand out in a crowd, you probably know that the way you dress can make a huge difference. If you have a special event coming up, and want to know how to set yourself apart from the pack, then the following are a few guidelines to help point you in the right direction.

Ditch the Designer Labels

People sometimes make the mistake of conflating an overt obsession with labels like Coach, Gucci, and so on, with having great style. But, standing out in a crowd isn’t about advertising for other designers. Nor is it all about wearing only expensive clothes, and following the trends. You should be a leader, and there’s no reason to blindly mimic what you see in a magazine. If you love a particularly bold print, then go ahead and wear it with confidence. These touches show off your personality, and let people know who you are right away.

Pay Attention to Your Footwear

A rookie mistake is to focus on your clothes, but forget that your shoes help to make your outfit. Footwear is important, and whether you invest in a statement piece you really love or purchase an understated shoe that makes the other elements in your attire pop, just don’t forget to look into these vital night out essentials to help you stand out. A beautiful pair of boots or stilettos are eye-catching and can give you that boost of confidence you need to carry yourself comfortably at a crowded event. 

Mix and Match Accessories 

One easy trick that can help take the guesswork out of setting out a beautiful outfit is to treat your main outfit like a blank canvas and build light stylistic touches around it. Accessories such as scarves, hats, an interesting pair of glasses if you wear them, statement earrings, ear weights and necklaces, and so on, really “speak” against a plain navy blue or chic black suit or dress. You can direct people’s eyes more easily to these little touches, as opposed to having them focus solely on your outfit if you like. Besides, investing in a few choice accessories as opposed to purchasing an entirely new dress or suit can make things more economical while simplifying the process for you. 

Discover the Beauty of Thrifting 

Going to a thrift store, or better yet, an authentic vintage store, if you have the means to purchase a special piece of clothing or a statement purse or earrings, can add a great touch to your outfit that is bound to get noticed. These pieces tend to have a sense of history, and they are designed and tailored in a way that is completely different from the mass-produced styles of today. If you have a major event coming up and want to show off your own distinct style, then don’t be shy to do some vintage shopping.

It’s ok to sometimes want to meld in with the crowd, and not wear anything that draws attention to you. But sometimes, it’s worth splurging a bit and breaking your routine to wear a stunning outfit that perfectly encapsulates your own personality. Not only is a change of pace important for your confidence, but it will get people to notice you and can be an excellent conversation starter. 


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