7 Wedding Dress Silhouettes You Need to Know

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Wedding Dress Silhouettes

The process of shopping for your dream wedding dress might seem overwhelming at first, but if you do your research beforehand, you’ll know what styles to ask for, as well as what terminology to use. It’s time to take a closer look at the different wedding dress silhouettes, as well as the body types they suit best. Let’s get started! 

1. Ball Gown

This fairy tale-ready gown will make you feel like a princess as you glide into your happily ever after. Volume? You got it. Drama? You got it. Classic? Without a doubt! For slim-hipped women with a fuller bust, this fit-and-flare silhouette is a great choice. The fitted top and voluminous skirt create a balanced look. With a fuller silhouette, the waist is accentuated, and the lower body is hidden. 

You may, however, want to keep in mind that the skirt can make you appear larger if you’re conscious of your hips. The second tip is to keep embellishments tonal and minimal to avoid drowning in fabric. 

2. Tea-Length

This ankle-grazing silhouette has a timeless yet modern quality to it. There can be no better match between fashion-forward and traditional sensibilities than a tea-length wedding dress. Added to its appeal is its vintage charm. The tea-length dress says a lot about the bride’s personality since it’s an unconventional choice. 

It’s perfect for weddings with an intimate feel, brunch weddings, or simple-but-beautiful registries. Additionally, it can be easily recycled after your big day, so you can keep wearing it for years to come. Wearing it to your first anniversary would be sentimental, wouldn’t it?

3. Slip

There’s something inherently chic and regal about slip wedding dresses, so they make the perfect addition to a bridal wardrobe that emphasizes a minimalist aesthetic and a ‘less is more’ approach to wedding fashion. 

Aside from its simplicity, one of the most distinguishing things about this silhouette is its tendency to fit well like a glove. There are a number of ways to make this design stand out. If it’s made to measure, a back detailing, cowl neck, or bias-cut will give it more personality. 

4. Mermaid

There is something elegant and sexy about this look at the same time. This silhouette is flared from the chest to the knee, making it perfect for contouring your body. We particularly recommend this style if you have an apple-shaped body since it emphasizes your waist and hips instead of narrowing them when you wear it. 

Choosing the right shapewear for mermaid dresses is very important since it enhances the overall look of the dress. Because it’s going to be really fitted, it is important to make sure that you will be able to move about and sit comfortably in it.

5. A-line

Universally flattering, it is a favourite among women of all ages. The A-line dress has a fitted bodice through the waist and cascades out towards the ground, resembling a capital “A.”  

The soft A-shape flares out from the waist into a flattering fit that complements all body types. Whether you’re pear-shaped or curvy, this silhouette will accentuate your figure in all the right places. By hugging the waist area, an A-line gown creates a slimmer waistline and flatters the bust area. Because of its overall slimming effect, it can make petite brides appear taller.

6. Sheath/Column

An elegant shape with a narrow neckline and straight hem. Taffeta, brocade, or corded lace are often used to give structure to column (sheath) wedding dresses. This silhouette accentuates the silhouette of a sleek, slender woman. 

The perfect fit for lean frames and athletic bodies. This is also great for women with an hourglass body type who want to show off their curves. In addition, this style is perfect for people who don’t want a train! 

7. Trumpet

The trumpet is considered to be a good match for extravagant celebrations since it is a less detailed version of the mermaid, but it still appeals to most people and is still considered to be a great crowd pleaser. 

Generally, a trumpet silhouette is best suited to slender frames and an hourglass body type. This type of wedding dress is a popular choice for brides who want to show off their curves on their big day.

This is all we have from us. With the knowledge of different types of wedding dress silhouettes and what body types they cater to, it’s time to begin searching for your dream wedding dress that will make you feel like one in a million on your special day and that you will never forget!


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