How to Know Which Cat Breed is Right for You

words Alexa Wang

Finding the right cat is a critical decision to make. A cat becomes more than a pet; it becomes a friend too. Think of playful dates in your backyard as you play football with your children.

To get the right cat for your family, you need to have a personality quiz, asking yourself the best way the cat you choose will compliment you. Here’s how you can identify the best right breed to suit your liking:

best Cat Breed

A Luxury Cat

When you want a cat that you can show it off to your family and friends, you would like a cat that is pleasant to the eye. Ideally, choose a cat that is camera-ready and would look delightful on a copy of your designer magazine.

Kids Friendly Cat

When choosing a cat, it is essential to evaluate a friendly and fun one around like Abyssinian. For instance, it should have an easy time interacting with your kids. A playtime session would be unique with a cat that runs everywhere. A grumpy looking cat with no appeal to play is dull for the kids.

Additionally, it should be one that can cuddle next to you as your whole family watches your best television show. Kids love to touch and experiment with stuff. Therefore, the cat breed should have no problem staying around you. Plus, they should also demonstrate a high tolerance to the kids’ adventures.

A Quiet Neighborhood

Every neighborhood has its specific rules and regulations to adhere to at all times. Therefore, some areas may have minimal tolerance for pet involvement. In such a case, it is advisable to choose a less physically active breed and has less noise.

It helps you maintain a balance. You get a cat while keeping the bargain of respecting your residence policies. A loud cat, like the Siamese, can be quite the opposite of a quiet neighborhood.

Interactions with Other Pets

If you are a pet lover, you may fancy the idea of having more than one pet.

Perhaps the idea of having a cat and a dog for your home is what you prefer. Or maybe you want this cat that would look like a dog to blend in seamlessly with one. In such a case, you can choose a breed such as Burmese.

Seamless interactions among your pets bring a peaceful environment.

The Size You Want

You may want a big cat or a smaller one depending on your preferences. The good news is you can get either for your family. Some cat breeds like the Munchkin are smaller, with an attractive personality and ball of energy.

The Age of the Cat

You can choose a mature kitten or a small adorable kitten breed as a new member of your family. Kittens are fun to play around with but may require some level of training and patience to hone their behavior to suit your preferences. 

A kitten is more adventurous and may pee in places you don’t like, which may agitate you. On the other hand, a mature cat is calmer but has good behavior like excellent potty training.

Your Lifestyle and Schedule 

Please remember that a cat requires love and attention to thrive in its environment. Therefore, before you bring a cat to your home, it is critical to consider your schedule too.

For instance, consider if you have intense work schedules that may involve extended periods of work activities away from home. In such a scenario, it would be advisable to get a cat breed that is comfortable staying alone when the need arises.

Additionally, some cat breeds may adapt well to confined spaces, while others prefer long stretches of outdoor space arenas. Therefore, make the best decision that will suit your preference while still considering the cat breed.

Fur Tolerance

Which Cat Breed

When choosing a cat, it is essential to consider the breed considering its fur length. Some species have long fur, and thus shedding off is a lot, and maintenance is also cumbersome. The shedding off the coat to your stuff is also an aspect to consider.

However, you can use the washing and combing sessions to spend time with your cat playfully. When choosing your cat breed, you should also consider whether the cat is from a breeder or shelter home. You can also opt to get a pure breed or a mixed breed cat, like a tuxedo. 

A pure breed cat has specific attributes synonymous with its lineage. On the other hand, a mixed breed will most likely blend its pure constituent breeds.

After selecting the right cat breed to suit your liking, it is essential to consider all cats’ maintenance and care tips. Irrespective of the species, all will require some tender, love, appreciation, and even care to reciprocate.


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