Why golf is a great sport for seniors 

words Al Woods

While golf is played by people of all ages, it often attracts more seniors than many other sports. If you’re a senior and have been thinking about trying golf, you might be curious as to what benefits it could bring to your life. The good news is there’s a lot to be gained from integrating golf into your weekly routine, so you’re on the right track to improving your wellbeing. Take a look at all these reasons why so many seniors choose golf as their main pastime: 

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Physical fitness

It’s important to stay active as we get older, but sometimes health problems and old injuries can prevent us from enjoying the same activities we did in our youth. Golf will definitely improve your physical wellbeing, as it involves lots of walking as well as swinging a club. However, it doesn’t involve using too much energy and has a much gentler pace than other types of sports. Your risk of injury will be very low as a golfer, especially if the clubs you’re using have been recommended by a professional fitter. The best irons for seniors won’t be too cumbersome or heavy, reducing your chances of straining your arms.

Mental benefits

Many seniors don’t have as many opportunities to use their critical and strategic thinking skills once they’ve retired. However, keeping your mind active and sharp will help you age better and feel more alert and like yourself. Playing golf requires a significant amount of strategic thinking, making it a sport of the mind as well as the body. If you’re not someone who enjoys sitting down and working through brain teasers and mathematical puzzles, golf is a great way of getting your brain fired up.

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Increases happiness

Retirement rarely gives seniors a reason to leave the house, but getting out and about is key to preserving your happiness and mental health. Nature, in particular, is thought to boost people’s mood and helps to stave off certain mental illnesses. If you feel like you’ve been in something of a slump recently and struggle to motivate yourself to go for walks, golf could be the perfect excuse. You should find that your time in the fresh air and out on the grass will lift your spirits.

Make friends

It can be hard to make friends as we get older. With families moving away and past work colleagues getting on with their own lives, seniors can sometimes feel isolated, especially if they live alone. Because it attracts so many seniors, golf is an amazing way to meet people your own age and socialise. Going along to social events can be daunting, but because golf is a shared activity you can all enjoy together, it really takes the pressure off. You’ll naturally get talking to other people at your local club and might even decide to have get-togethers outside of your golfing sessions as well.

Golf has lots of benefits for seniors and you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.


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