Why round beds are so popular?

Why round beds are so popular? – words Alexa Wang

When it comes to round beds most people think of the revolving bed, circular in design that was part of Austin Powers movie. Many loved the slapstick comedy and outrageous props in the movie but if you focus on the bed, it was a sleeper Lazy Susan design.

After that, it is no longer a novelty in special hotel suites or in Hollywood comedies. There are different models available in furniture showrooms, especially those that stock up on Italian furniture. These have headboards streamlined in leather along with linens that are custom fitted and side pieces that are optional. The beds are also paired with foot-beds and nightstands.

The Niche Segment of Round Beds

This is a bedroom furniture niche segment item which you will find in select furniture stores, preferably designed for large rooms and luxury bedrooms. The bed design is considered groovy and can display different design themes. For instance, the aficionados of mid-century find themes of their choice and decorators also try to make them compact spaced.

There are certain design advantages of this unique shape that can not only be termed as sexy. A homeowner who bought such a bed for her vacation home states that it is a bed that allows you to accessorize so much more, unlike the straight formed beds.

Dimensions of Round Beds

When it comes to dimensions, the diameter length of such a bed is the same as a king size bed of California make. Some even have revolving mattresses that allow one to gain a 360-degree view of their room. This is a bed that is well placed among boudoirs, multiple windows, fireplaces and plasma TVs. The bed has rounded edges which do not take up much floor space. However, when it comes to accessories there are additional spends on a round mattress as well as spending on fitted bedding that many prefer. Whatever may be the design and look, to fit a standard room size, you will have to choose california king and king sizes. And choosing between california king vs king is totally your call depending on various factors.


Round bed being of a niche segment, not many mass furniture makers have such an item on their product catalog. Italian firms like Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, and Prealpi have beds of this design that go up to $10,000.

While such prices are steep for many, there are low-cost versions that are more popular for kid bedrooms. Global Furniture is a Chicago manufacturer that offers a round bed design called Sercio. The headboard is mirror trimmed and curved. The base is illuminated and has rope lights that are concealed. The price of this bed is around $3500. The mattress is seven foot in diameter.

There is a similar design offered by IKEA, called the Sultan Sandane which is built on a minimalist frame that has a round mattress. This option of IKEA is much cheaper, being one fourth the cost of the Sercio bed.

Varied Designs

This is another option that makes round beds luxury choices. Those who own large homes and splurge on expensive décor are more likely to opt for round beds with distinct custom features. These include a revolving design, a bed for guests or simply a luxury option for the master bedroom.

Many find the revolving bed fun, it can help one to look out the window or watch TV. Some even find it a contemplative experience. For instance, a round bed designed as a fiberglass pod can be fitted with a water mattress circular in design. There can be custom fittings like a sound system and LED lights. Many find this bed design a futuristic statement such as Space Age or designs that seem to have come right out of the swinging sixties.

There are fun designs for the kids such as those seen in comic books. These are colorful and could be campy, casual styles as well. Decor experts state that such beds are usually positioned the center of a room and they can also have suspended lighting on top. Round beds can also look great in a TV room or guest room. They can also be great for lounging with piles of pillows.

Many hotels and resorts also flaunt circular beds, they being water beds with gimmicky designs. One such bed is famed in the John Wayne suite in Culver Hotel, Culver City.

Lullaby is another design that is made famous, drawn with design inspirations from the late sixties. It is of a revolving motorized design that has a leather headboard that is elegant and tufted and comes with matching ottomans and tables. This is a set designed specifically by Luigi Massoni for the furniture maker Poltrona Frau. The company also revived a similar design called Lullaby Due. This is a bed that is taller and slightly curved. It has a headboard that is semi-circular. Joined by Prealpi Histoire D’O, it has curved nightstands that fit against a room corner and flat wall. Cappellini also features a round bed with open shelved trolley table based on casters that can be swung around to get anywhere one wishes it to, either as a footboard or a nightstand.

If the beds are stripped of glitz they resemble Zen simplicity, many of the contemporary platform designs. Usually, round beds are not as spacious as king size beds but could hold two who like to snuggle up. There is an equal split in preference of this bed design between female and male buyers.

Who Chooses a Round Bed?

This design is mainly chosen for the uniqueness of the design than for any functional advantages. The round beds can be as comfortable as traditional rectangles. It is more chosen from aesthetic angles by customers, especially since there can be design variations in this bed design. Often people find calmness by seeing a round bed in the center of a room. That can help bring about a Zen-like experience when users want a good night’s sleep. The quirky design themes help one to decorate their kid’s room or guest room with such a bed. The luxury choices are several as well. A round bed also leaves room for accessorizing, with colorful pillows and other bedding accessories.


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