All Aboard! Why You Should Consider Taking A Train On Your Next Vacation

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Days spent soaking up the sun’s rays or exploring a new city; vacations mean something different to everyone. One thing that is common for everyone’s reasoning for going on vacation is to escape their day-to-day routines of going to work and coming home.

As almost half of Americans plan to travel, planning the perfect vacation is a task many of planning to undertake. Deciding when and where to go are two main factors that many will consider first. Following this is deciding how to get there. Driving or by plane are often the two modes of transport people consider when travelling somewhere new.

However, very few consider taking the train to their chosen destination. If you are currently in the process of planning your next vacation, here are a few reasons to persuade you to jump aboard a train to take you to your destination.

 Train Vacation

An Affordable Way To Travel

The costs of travelling can quickly add up. Flights can often take a large portion of a person’s travel budget. If you choose to travel during a busy period, such as during the holidays, the costs of flights can soar to eye-watering amounts. With train tickets, you might find that the cost offers a more affordable option to travel. Of course, during the holidays and other busy travel seasons, you can expect train fares to be a little high, but they might still be more affordable than the cost of a flight.

Just like you would with flights, you can search online for cheap train tickets. You can find cheap train tickets from providers like Wanderu. Compare the best times to travel and how long it will take via train. When you have an idea, you can book your cheap train tickets and plan your next vacation. You might even choose to interrail between states and cities to see and explore more areas.

More Time To Explore

Along with being costly, finding flights can often limit how much time you can have in a place. For instance, you will need to be at the airport a certain amount of time beforehand to get through security and check in your luggage. This can lead to reduced time in a new place as you have to ensure you can get to the airport in time to catch your flight.

When taking the train, there is no need to be at the train station hours beforehand. You can if you want to ensure that you will be at the station in time to catch your train, but you do not have to as you would if you were travelling by plane. As you do not need to be at the train station hours before your train departs, this extra time can be used to explore the area you are visiting for a little bit longer. You might uncover hidden gems that are the highlight of your trip!

Located In The Cities

Airports are often a 30-minute drive from the main city. After landing and collecting all your luggage, you have the pain of finding transport to your accommodation, which you will likely have booked in a location within the city center. Few will book outside of the city’s main center for cheaper accommodation, whilst others will choose somewhere within walking distance of the places they want to explore and visit during their vacation.

Choosing to travel by train means that you will unlikely have to arrange transport into the city, as the station is often located in the center of the city. Of course, if you would prefer transport to your location, you can arrange this, and it will likely come at a lower cost compared to organizing transport from the airport.

No Baggage Limitations

One of the biggest challenges many will experience when travelling on a plane is luggage limitations. This includes how much liquids can be in your carry-on and the size of your carry-on bag. Those that travel by air will be familiar with the travel restrictions. However, those that have not travelled for a few years might get caught out by the measures in place. Before departure to the airport, reading up on the regulations around what you can bring on a plane is a must to help prevent delays getting through security.

When travelling by train, there is a little more flexibility surrounding what you can bring on board. For instance, you can carry more bags on a train, and there are no restrictions on the number of liquids in your possession. Of course, some train lines might have limitations regarding the size of the bags and how much each bag should weigh. Taking multiple bags on board with you, instead of being limited to just one or two, can be an appealing factor for many, especially those travelling with a family.

Eco-Friendlier Choice

In today’s green-conscious world, those that enjoy travelling are looking for more sustainable and greener ways to explore new places. Some will choose to take sustainable and eco-friendly products with them when they travel and choose activities and places that align with their values. However, getting to these places is when the trip isn’t as green as they would like.

Compared to cars and planes, trains produce their carbon emissions. If travelling with a large group, opting to go by train means you can all travel together, rather than in multiple vehicles. Again, this helps to keep carbon emissions low. Choosing to travel by train can help make your trip to explore different states and cities a little greener.

All Aboard For Your Next Adventure

When planning your next vacation, look into train options instead of going to your first choice of flying. You might find that travelling by train is the more affordable option that allows you to travel directly into the city and not worry about finding additional transport to your accommodation.

Travelling by train also provides you with some picturesque scenic views. Many of which you would not have seen travelling by plane or car. As you plan your next vacation, keep some of the tips mentioned above in mind about why you should book train tickets as your mode of transport to your destination.


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