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Women’s jackets: winter 2021’s most requested colors – Flux Magazine

Women’s jackets: winter 2021’s most requested colors

words Alexa Wang

The jacket is one of the symbol-garments of winter, or at least of this mid-season that leads from late fall to early winter: in a few words, it is the most requested piece of clothing when Christmas starts to approach. Once, going out covered in a “simple” jacket was considered a strictly male attire, while the women were more bound to wear something more exclusive (coats or even furs, for those who could afford them). But know times have changed (fortunately, we would add), and now the women’s jackets are among the most desired Christmas gifts basically every year.

Women jackets colours

Each season – or rather, each year – has its must-haves, but this piece of clothing seems to never go out of fashion, especially in its several female versions. What actually changes are shapes, materials and – most of all – colors. Or, in many cases, color schemes and color combinations. For what concerns the 2021 collections, many people operating in the fashion business predicted – several months ago – a sort of “new wave” from the point of view of chromatic choices. The actual things, indeed, seem to be quite different, since the most wanted colors of this winter are pretty classical. Let’s see, in detail, what they are.

Women jackets 2021 colors
  1. Total black. This is a pretty obvious choice, since we are dealing with something that will never go out of fashion. Wearing a total black jacket is basically a “good taste insurance”, since – as the majority of the stylists say – this hue looks good on everything. It follows that a total black jacket is like a jack-of-all-trades for the majority of women.
  2. Hunter green. This is quite the opposite of total black. A neglected, almost forgotten hue that during the last couple of years is living a sort of second youth. Too aggressive for a woman who wants to look fancy, not enough “eveningwear-like” to go out on it in an important night. But just take a look at the last season’s new creations: doesn’t it seem that something has changed?
  3. Havana. Another veteran of many fashion collections during the Eighties and Nineties of the last century. Rediscovering this gentle, smooth color means trying to reconnect ourselves with the softer, kinder side of winter. Havana is for those who want to suggest a friendly, warm atmosphere, with just a hint of seduction. Or for those who just want to cuddle with someone else.
  4. White/Brown. A typical combination for any kind of checked jacket or coats. It’s basically a sort of grunge reminiscence, especially if the material of the manufactured product is a velvety tissue. Suited for the youngest women who want to propose an “alternative rock” attire.
  5. Shades of pink. Fifty or even more: dedicated to all those who thought or said that pink is a losers’ choice by now, something that belongs to another era and doesn’t represent the image of a contemporary woman anymore. From the moment this statement came out, the pink garments have multiplied in almost every collection, from haute couture to prêt-à- porter. Currently, it seems to be the color that most stimulates the stylists’ creativity.


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