7 Reasons Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Ignore Tiktok

words Megan Green

TikTok’s initial release was in 2016. However, not many people knew about it since it was too recent. After on-and-on updates and changes, they released it worldwide in 2018, but this time by partnering with Musical.ly.

Although it has been on the internet for quite a while, many people recently got to know this app after the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, most businesses were skeptical about doing advertising on this platform or not. Yet, that is about to change.

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Why Did Tiktok Become So Popular?

The reason why TikTok became so popular is because of its AI-driven algorithm. While other platforms have artificial intelligence in their system like a feature, TikTok’s entire engine is driven by AI. This means that its approach to users is more natural, and they’re constantly entertained because they’re only looking at content they’re interested in.

The app also became popular because it gave everyone the possibility to be content creators. They’re not just passively watching other people’s content; everyone gets to be involved in the content creation process and stand out.

The Reasons Why Your Brand Cannot Ignore Tiktok

TikTok became one of the most downloaded apps of the year in 2019. This opened the possibilities for many companies to leverage a new platform for marketing purposes. Those who are still skeptical about this app might find this guide helpful. Here’s why your brand can no longer ignore TikTok

Users Spend More Time in Tiktok Than Any Other Channel

The coronavirus outbreak changed our lives in many ways we would have never imagined. When a catastrophe occurs, heroes are the ones who save the day; people who fight, protest, invent solutions, and the list goes on. Yet, this time is different. To protect the world, people would have to do nothing rather than staying at home.

When people spend too much time at home during the lockdown, they get stressed and bored, so it’s ok to see that everyone is looking for entertainment. And this is where TikTok comes from.

TikTok became extremely popular during the first months of the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, it became more relevant for companies to start leveraging this app to grow their business.

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Its Popularity Is on Top

One of the main reasons companies should consider using TikTok for marketing purposes is that it is viral. Brands need to be where people are. This is the only way to bring visibility to their business. According to Oberlo, TikTok has over 800 million users worldwide. This opens the landscape for target audiences and helps companies orchestrate their marketing operations with this new app.

Tiktok Is Great for Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been powerful. It means giving customers valuable information for free. Although “free content” doesn’t sound like a good strategy, it certainly is. By giving customers short bites of meaningful data, they’ll be more likely to invest in a premium service, for example. And the best part about this is that they don’t feel they’re being manipulated to buy anything. Instead, they’re doing this for themselves.

TikTok is a great platform for this type of marketing strategy because it’s digestible; this app is entertaining, easy to use, and viral. What most people think about TikTok is that their niche does not match the interests of TikTok users. However, you can teach almost anything on this platform. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice content marketing by using TikTok.

Unlimited Viral Potential

If companies want to quickly drive popularity for their brand, they need to create viral content. TikTok has this particularity to make videos go popular no matter how many followers people have. Someone that literally has 100 followers can make a video that goes famous in a matter of days. This is a proof of how powerful this app is to generate engagement and visibility.

Of course, there will be videos that don’t necessarily go viral, but it all depends on creativity. It’s essential to think about the audience’s interests and how to develop engaging videos that also have the potential to become popular. Plus, there are services out there, such as Tikdroid, who can help brands out when it comes to getting them the engagement and following that they need in order to become popular on the platform and give themselves the best chance possible when it comes to going viral. 

Tiktok Is Perfect for Engaging Customers

TikTok content is entertaining, and that’s the main reason why people enjoy being on the platform that much. Usually, when people watch Facebook and Instagram videos, they do it soundlessly. According to HubSpot, 85% of users watch soundless social media videos. However, this is not the case for TikTok. According to Oberlo, the average TikTok user spends 52 daily minutes on this app using sound up.

What this proves is that users are engaged with TikTok’s content. Therefore, it has become a popular platform for generating brand engagement.

Most Companies Can Advertise on Tiktok

When running a marketing campaign, companies need to think about their customer persona, who it is, where they live, and other relevant information. Not all social media will drive the same success to all types of companies. However, due to TikTok’s popularity, it has become an all-purpose-platform.

Now, let’s talk about demographics. According to Social Media Explainer, 65% of TikTok users are female and under 24 years old.

This means that most of the audience on this platform are young people. If your target audience isn’t at that age, don’t worry. The best way to know if TikTok is the right place to advertise a particular company is by looking at your company’s niche in a hashtag. On TikTok, there’s content about real estate, makeup, plumbing, and so much more.

High-Tech Recommendation Engine

Something very interesting about TikTok is how it can quickly drive traffic to any video. And the reason is behind the science of this app. TikTok, just like many other apps, uses artificial intelligence to create more personalized experiences. Yet, TikTok has a sophisticated recommendation engine that shows users exactly what they want to see.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, TikTok offers users the possibility of finding relevant people without even trying to look for them in the search bar. Yet, its flow funnel not only benefits users; it also helps companies stand out. Since it’s showing people what they’d be interested in, TikTok is also creating a balance in traffic, allowing content creators to get visibility.

TikTok uses machine learning technology to provide a personalized experience. It is a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence that helps machines learn from experience without human intervention. This way, the more people use TikTok, the more it learns from them. That’s what’s so powerful about this app.

Real Examples of Tiktok Marketing

Big companies have not ignored the fact that this app is driving a lot of traffic, so some of them leveraged the platform to engage potential customers. Some businesses will benefit more than others, especially those in the entertainment industry, fashion, and anything related to beauty. But it’ll all depend on how catchy and entertaining their content is.

Some of the companies that use TikTok for marketing purposes are Nike, Pepsi, and Chipotle. In fact, In July of 2019 Chipotle posted a TikTok video about avocados that went viral. Soon after that, they crushed the sales of their guacamole sauce by 63%.

Another excellent example is how any song could get viral on TikTok. That’s why people in the entertainment industry leverage this app as well. Lil Nas’ song Old Town Road recently got viral on the platform. Thanks to that popularity, his song became the most-streamed singles of all time.

All in All

TikTok’s algorithm has brought the attention of many people because of the accurate recommendation engine it has. Businesses can leverage this platform to make their brands grow because it’s still prevalent and engaging. Although it experienced its first slowdown, according to The Verge, it may continue to be a successful platform over the years.

Big companies like Nike or Chipotle have already experienced the benefits of this app by posting viral content. This app can drive traffic inside the platform and on websites and even other social media.

About the author: Megan Green has an interesting experience: she has been the editor of a fashion magazine, an educator, mom, and even a baker. Now, Megan shares her unique view on usual things through delivering top-notch content on HowSociable. Not only is she outgoing and optimistic, but Megan is also keen on working with brands and lifestyle products.


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