Design your home for living – words Al Woods

While all homes provide the same functions, people use them differently. A young professional might be looking for a place to rest their head and spend most of their time outside.

They do not need entertainment features because of their flourishing social life and intense work schedule. If you spend a lot of time at home, give yourself a place that directs your free time toward more productive activities.

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Keep everything low maintenance

When you are renovating your home, try to make your changes functional as well. Besides painting the walls, invest in low maintenance materials that are durable and cheap. Instead of marble countertops, find granite, quartz, and other composite materials since you can put your baking pan straight from the oven on them and not worry about having a mat to avoid damaging the surface. They do not stain easily, and you can run a damp rag over them when you finish cooking.

For your floors, carpets and hardwood can be a lot of work. You must act quickly when there are any spills and mess because they can stain if left. Carpets also collect a lot of dust and can trigger those who are allergic, so instead of constantly using your vacuum and hiring a carpet cleaning service, waterproof flooring can provide a great flooring solution.

Avoid purchasing furniture that needs to be cleaned frequently, like glass tables. The primary purpose of having low maintenance features is that they do not need to be cleaned every day, and when they do need cleaning, it does not take too much time. Less time cleaning is more time for your hobbies, interests, and personal time.

Display items that make you happy

Enforce the idea that your home is a safe space. It is essential to decorate and display items that you like and that have fond memories. Photographs of your loved ones, souvenirs of trips, and other personal mementoes that encourage you to be a better version of yourself should be in plain sight. During tough weeks or months, remembering the good times tells you that whatever is currently happening will pass.

Have materials for activities you enjoy easy to reach

If there is anything you want to do more of, keep the tools and materials necessary in areas where you linger like your bedroom, living room, and bathroom. If your goal is to take care of your skin or hair more, have the tools ready and visible. When your New Year’s resolution is to read more, have three to four books by your bedside table. When the things you want are close, you are encouraged to pick them up during your off-time. On the other hand, if you have to look for them, you could give up half way and not bother with it.

Set yourself up to act; free-time activities are not just creative outlets to release steam (although that is something you should consider!). You are also developing skills that have potential to be used in other areas of your life.

These three changes push you to live with intention. Do not hold yourself back and make your environment work with you.




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