11 Healing Crystals For Gemini

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Healing Crystals Gemini


Being a Gemini can be tiresome. From dealing with a hyperactive mind to receiving the tag of being flaky, the third zodiac sign bearers have to put up with so much. Like any other human being, constant pressure and energized state can result in a heightened need for some downtime. Healing crystals are the perfect option for this, and Geminis have plenty of stones that can help them.  

Given below are 11 healing crystals Geminis can get from Pratt Daddy.


Emerald is the go-to stone for May-born Geminis as it is the birthstone for May. The gemstone represents virility, prosperity, and success, all of which we can all have in our lives. You can wear them on your jewelry or place them as polished stone on your desk. 


Moonstone is known for its healing properties, especially for conducting healing dreams when kept next to the bed. Being the birthstone for June, the crystal is something every Gemini will benefit from. These come in polished stone varieties, perfect for your bedside table. 


With an overactive mind and the constant need for movement, Geminis are always grinding their way through tasks, making them susceptible to burnout. Onyx helps with this problem by promoting physical wellbeing and strength, enhanced focus, and energy boosts. 


Bloodstone is said to be able to connect you with your lineage and heritage. By meditating or daydreaming in the presence of this stone, you can access the knowledge of ancestors and connect with your spiritual team. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a handy gemstone to have in your house. It keeps negative and toxic energies away from you, preventing the adverse effects of all the hate you get as a Gemini. Keep them on your desk or hang them at the entrance of your house; wherever you place them, you have a spiritual bodyguard. 


With intense healing energy, opal is a blessing for the frazzled Geminis. The stone offers a gentle and soothing influence perfect when dealing with chaotic times and emotional wounds. Additionally, Opal has a direct connection with the Opalite stone, which is more familiar, however, it is a trading name for man-made Opal. The meaning of Opalite crystal is to symbolize optimism, playfulness, and resilience. It also works well for treating physical ailments including insomnia, so you can use it while meditating or as part of home decoration. Wearing them as jewelry will prove to be most effective. 


Carnelian can ground Geminis at their worst, which is more common than you might think, considering how cerebral this air sign is. Moreover, the stone is great for bringing some spice to your sex life. 


Geminis get a lot of hate for liking gossip and often get labels like “trash talking” and “two-faced.” Surrounded by such negativity, you need something that brings out your best self; Selenite does exactly that. 


Being ruled by Mercury, Geminis are naturally curious and want to know the tea ( all of it). Labradorite is a perfect option if you want to boost your intuition and see beyond what’s in front of you. Meditating with this gem brings great results, and so does wearing them as jewelry.


Sometimes, all a Gemini needs is something to calm their constant flow of thoughts; this is where Chalcedony comes to play. Rub this stone when stressed out or sleep with this gem under the pillow.


Amber is as magical as gemstones get with its fairytale-like composition story. This stone is made from the fossilized drops of tree resin that took millions of years to become a stone. Add a bit of magic to your chaotic Gemini life with Amber.


Healing crystals are multipurpose. You can use some of them to increase self-love, while others can help you attract abundance. Like other zodiac signs, Geminis too have specific gemstones that can help attract the goodness in the universe. Therefore, the eleven crystals are worth a shot.


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