5 Things Every Dining Room Needs

words Alexa Wang

Dining rooms are always different in every home. As a type of in between space in some houses where meals happen upon occasion, and other times a core part of every meal time, these rooms are bound to need different things at various times. They may see more traffic over the holidays, or they may be a focal point of every family mealtime. Regardless of how often you use it and what you use it for, a dining room always needs these five essential things. 

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A Table

The whole point of a dining room is to provide somewhere for people to eat. It moves people away from the sofa, and brings a more collaborative, dining experience for a group of people or even just you and your partner. Therefore a dining table, from the spectacular range at VidaXL, for example, is a non-negotiable furniture item for these spaces. 


Every table needs chairs to match. Whether you get a set or choose separate options that work with your overall aesthetic, having somewhere to sit is also non-negotiable for a dining room design. You want comfort, but it has to be infused with style. The most common purchase options seem to be matching the number of chairs with the size of your table, but if you just want to buy for the number of people in your household it is completely up to you.

Fine China

Okay, not everyone subscribes to fine china (and that is completely understandable). Yet, the general theme is still relevant. Whether you keep it in the kitchen or proudly display it in a convenient dresser or sideboard in your dining space, your plates, bowls, and cups are essential items needed at every meal time.


Plants are great in every room! They not only increase the air quality, something which is highly advantageous for many reasons, but they are also amazing for bringing life into any area. There are plenty of options to explore when it comes to adding plant life into your dining room too. For example:

  • Opt for a tall, statement indoor tree to fill up an empty corner. It will be something to talk about, and there are lots of tree style plants that can live indoors that don’t require too much maintenance either. 
  • Try out a few hanging basket features. Again, while traditionally a more outside feature, hanging baskets are cute and quirky complements in the right room. 
  • Go for a traditional houseplant to brighten up a sideboard or live in the middle of your dining room table. 

A Lamp

Nobody wants to eat in the dark, right? Unless you are trying out one of those high-brow restaurant experiences, it’s fairly assumed that there should be at least some form of lighting in your dining area. Yet, what about those late evening dinner parties where an overhead light is too bright but switching it off is simply not practical? This is where lamps are the best solution. They provide a soft glow and can fit in with any design agenda. 

Dining rooms are lovely areas built for socialisation, eating, and merriment. Make yours practical and functional by not forgetting any key features.


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