From the Shadows – Danny Larsen playing with the light

words Isabel Armitage

Weary of the shadows? Danny Larsen’s new book, From The Shadows is challenging our perception of darkness

Robert McFarland mentions in his book Underland that you must first be buried deep down into the darkness in order to truly appreciate the light. As humans, we seem to have a rocky relationship with darkness. Subject to years of ghost stories and the concept of an evil monster under our beds, there is no question that we have been conditioned to associate darkness with negativity. Danny Larsen’s new art book From The Shadows challenges our perception of shadows by reclaiming the them, and viewing them in a brand new way.

“I wanted to create a book that challenged our human perceptions of darkness, and illustrated that acknowledging the dark can be a beneficial practice that uplifts us rather than bring us down.” – Danny Larsen, Introducing | Danny Larsen: From The Shadows

Danny Larsen art book

Danny Larsen used to be afraid of his own shadows. He finds that you can “dwell mentally and psychologically” on them, as though they are something we seem to lean on, an unnecessary crutch as we move through the changeable emotions of everyday life. But rather than sinking deeper, Larsen likes to “look beyond it, to try find those small glimpses of beauty in a bleak world. It always is terribly easy to focus on the negative. With my art I try do the opposite.”.

From The Shadows is a brand new art book from Larsen. A celebrated painter who uses a neo-pointillist technique, Larsen has published a 50 page art book in collaboration with RedHouse Originals, an art gallery based in Yorkshire; specialising in modern and contemporary art. From The Shadows is a first glimpse into the eery woodlands of his native Norway, as well as the artist’s unique take on the misty moors of Yorkshire.

Acting as a strong accompaniment to his recent debut, UK solo show, From The Shadows is a detailed catalogue of his most iconic works to date. Weaving between a collection of idyllic landscapes, most of which are in Norway, the publication is another major stepping stone in an ever burgeoning career.

From The Shadows book

Beginning with a foreword written by philosopher Einar Duenger Bøhn, the book is initially scripted with an in-depth analysis of the intricacies of Larsen’s work. Delving into his relationships with nature and how this reflects in his artwork, Bøhn recognises the bold uniqueness of it.

“Larsen’s paintings communicate, and will continue to communicate with all humans at all places and times into the future, because nature will forever be mystical to us.” – Einar Duenger Bøhn, From The Shadows

Danny Larsen’ From The Shadows book

What is clear is that a fear of darkness is a fear of the unknown. With artworks featuring frost bitten lakes, encroaching dark shadowed trees and showers of reserved light, we are able to see the darkness, take it in and appreciate it in all its glory.

A fraction of light through the dark, it’s like hot chocolate on a cold day. There is nowhere to escape from the cold but for some reason, Larsen makes this okay.

Purchase From The Shadows from RedHouse here


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