6 Tech Accessories You Need When Traveling

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When traveling comes into one’s mind, it is mostly about indulging in the wonders and experiences of the journey. People had long stereotyped traveling into something as purely fun. These mentalities are to be expected, especially in our contemporary setting with documentation on every event. 

But among the seemingly enjoying faces within the photos in social media is the unwritten and arduous process of traveling as a whole. 

travel gadgets

Why People Travel?

Contrary to what people generalized, this whole traveling proves more of a task rather than a fleeting gleeful event. 

We get displaced away from the usual home routine, where we might use transportation methods that are uncomfortable to our liking. We’ll face many factors that will force us to make contingencies, if not improvisations. And we are never ready for any changes and dangers despite our countless efforts of prior planning.

Such begs the question of why do people even travel? Whether you travel for business, celebrate, or escape, these tech accessories have proven themselves useful.

Tech Accessories

Best Tech Accessories For Travelers

GoTenna Mesh

Anyone can be in peril as long as nature is the sheer destination. From unprecedented wildlife encounters to deliberately exposing oneself to danger and even getting lost in the woods, these uncertainties need a solution if not for preventive measures.

One device to help you when you’re in trouble while traveling is GoTenna. This device allows any android and apple phones alike to send a message even without signal service. GoTenna works by connecting devices into a private network called mesh that is resistant to interference, jams, and signal output changes. Thus, it will reach a specific member of the people from the mesh at all costs without worrying that it may never get its recipients. 

GPS Sports Watch

Sports are one thing that’s not strongly associated with traveling. It’s not an activity expected from anyone traveling unless the sports trip was intentional. But there are still a lot of stimulating activities to do despite how vigorous these can be. The pastimes can differ, from a rousing hike, skiing, and even scuba diving. One good tech accessory to use is a GPS Sports Watch.

Albeit its name, the GPS Watch is not just a watch about GPS; it’s more than just that. This watch offers an update of your current location from where you have started. You can use this for trails, hikes, and jogging sessions. But what’s interesting is its assortments are equipped to track more than just your GPS position. The arsenals of the monitoring system vary from pulse rates to blood pressures and even non-sports activities like sleep patterns. 

Wi-Fi Repeater

It turns out that traveling expects more usage of the internet than normal. A digital nomad reveals that the need for the internet while traveling could be costly. Although he could make sure that every usage counts, the fact indicates an absolute dependence on the internet even while taking trips.

The growing notion that the internet is a must-have during trips has some solutions to self-fix itself. Wi-Fi is becoming ever-present during stays at a hotel. In some public places, one can see stacks of Wi-Fi routers installed within the vicinity. But the problem persists in the form of whether any Wi-Fi’s are strong enough. 

One way of tending to it is by carrying a portable Wi-Fi Repeater or what’s commonly known as extenders.

These tech accessories are small enough to fit in any bag. Repeaters—from its name alone—absorb the signal from the primary source and amplify the strength as if it’s the actual source of the signal. This is most important to frequent business travelers or digital nomads, but the hotel’s Wi-Fi is inefficiently weak. 

Evo Travel Adapter

Power is one intangible thing we must pack during our travels. It’s because we carry so many items that are electricity dependent. At some point in the journey, it will come that one must charge all devices, and that will be inevitable. That’s certainly not an issue when it’s not an out-of-town trip; plug the devices in the outlet and wait until these technological assets are fully charged and ready for another use. 

An international trip, however, is not sharing any forms of leniency to the issue. There are far many existing types of outlets with varying volts. The presence of varying sockets is what Evo Travel Adapter is trying to solve. Its sole purpose is to serve as a universal adapter on the go by covering all known plugs to insert at different sockets. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

When the destination is simply breath-taking, and when the moment is too valuable not to be documented, people cannot merely help but snap pictures during the trip. It’s the age of photography where anyone can take photos without using a proper setup. This convenience is because of the ever-improving aspects of mobile photography. 

Among the most assertive candidates of the arrays of a phone for photography is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It comes with a 108 MP back camera, 40MP selfie camera, enabling you to record 8k high-definition videos. Thanks to the cameras’ engineered revolution, this makes the phone mind-blowing because this allows you to take crystal clear shots at 5x zoom of the photo.

Amazon Firestick

Boredom is one of the things that people who travel can feel. It strikes fast, especially on very dreary and still moments while on the road, until you get to your accommodation. Hotel cable channels won’t cut it. Making yourself believe that it’s enough entertainment betrays your standards. A sure way to alleviate the ennui is through portable amusement devices such as the Amazon Firestick.

Amazon Firestick is a device that one can use to turn any HDMI-able portable TVs into any streaming screens. It gives the user access to the Amazon Cloud, letting you play music and videos. Disconnect the hotel’s TV line and plugin your Amazon Firestick so you can keep entertained after a long day of sightseeing and experiential travel to your destination.

Amazon Firestick is also suitable for your laptop to utilize much of Amazon’s services at your disposal. There’s so much you can do with it to unleash its potential. This blog post on FireStickTricks official blog is rife with tips that could help you make the most out of this affordable tech.


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