Olivia Rodrigo 101: How To Steal Her TikTok Famous Style

words Alexa Wang

Olivia Rodrigo. That’s a name we’ve heard a lot recently. Whether you’re obsessed with her hit new album Sour or an OG fan of her in High School Musical, you can’t deny she’s currently the talk of the digital town.

Across TikTok, Instagram and the rest of social media, people of all ages are not only digging her soft yet sassy lyrics, but also her impeccable style. Throwing it back and paying homage to her favourite artists who stood before her such as Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey, she incorporates all decades of the music industry within her outfits and we’re about to show you how you can too. From her sweet yet sour punk pastels to her 00’s fashion tribute style, here is the 101 on how to dress like Olivia Rodrigo.

Bring Back 90’s/00’s Fashion

Olivia’s style is nothing short of a 00’s throwback, fully of Baby Spice pastels, funky patterns and glitter based crop tops. For example, her glitter butterfly crop top ensemble, paying homage to a similar style worn by Mariah Carey in the noughties, is inspiring Rodrigo followers to bring back old trends.

For a style that will take you back in time, it’s time to embrace those patterned crop tops, low rise jeans and funky flares. Style baby pink and baby blue with your favourite matching hair accessory and suddenly you’re a 90’s queen.

For a fun addition, take yourself back to the music merch era and wear some of your favourite band tops over the top of your pastel layers. The older the better, if you want to embrace that true 90’s/00’s style.

Become a Sustainable Queen

Not only does Olivia rock her style, but she rocks sustainability too. After wearing a vintage Prada dress in her recent SNL performance, her soft grunge statement has resonated with her Gen Z fans. 

Her vintage apparel and second-hand ensembles are changing the face of fashion and encouraging a new generation to start thrifting. Some of our favourite Rodrigo look books are those punk indie outfits, finished off with a vintage oversized sweatshirt and repurposed statement jewellery.

Olivia Rodrigo style

(Source: NBC)

If you’re looking to follow in the footsteps, it’s time to get yourself down to your nearest vintage outlet or sustainable collective. Not only will you create an outfit like no other with individual charm, but you’ll be contributing to a more sustainable future of fashion.

Statement Clips

Let’s be real, we’ve all seen Olivia’s Good 4 u music video, accurately representing just about every emotion you’ll experience in your teenage years. If you’re looking to mimic her stylish chaos and incorporate some of your favourite Rodrigo songs into your style, look no further, we have you covered.

If you’re looking to pay homage to Olivia Rodrigo’s signature style accessory, it’s time to start incorporating clips into your favourite outfit. The key here is to match colours and shades. For the true Rodrigo 101, chose funky pastels for that soft 90’s girl twist.

Rock Those Punk Pastels

This one is for the TikTok GenZers. As part of Gen Z herself, Olvia Rodrigo is leading some of the newest TikTok fashion trends. Forget the rise of the e-girl or the soft girl aesthetic. Soft Grunge is here, and Olivia is leading the show.

From punky pastels to statement gold accessories and alternative style, Olvia really is showing off her sweet and sour side with her punky combos. If you’re looking to join the trend train, TikTok needs to be downloaded for constant lookbook inspiration. The key here is to mix dark and light, a good balance of soft pastel with darker tones. A graphic oversized tee is a must, accompanied by your favourite pair of statement flares. 

For this hot look, tie everything together with a smokey eye look and some matching coloured accents. Whether they are clips, statement block colour rings or your favourite pair of Docs. Throw this vintage style look together and see yourself match Rodrigos Instagram feed.

Prioritise Pattern

Retro pattern is a must-have if you’re aiming to steal Olivia’s style. As a lover of all things vintage and Taylor Swift, we have to mention her recent Olivia Ashley Williams cat pattern dress, covered in Olivia Benson and Meridith look-alikes for the ultimate Taylor tribute.

To mimic her pattern loving ensembles, we suggest that the whackier it is, the more likely that Olvia Rodrigo could be wearing it. Think bright colours, geometric shapes and 60’s patterns. Pair your patterned finds with a block-coloured accompaniment and some statement boots and you’re ready to go.


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