3 accessories that can subtly make or ruin an outfit

3 accessories that can subtly make or ruin an outfit – words Alexa Wang

When it comes to fashion, one choice may make the difference between completing a look or throwing it out the window. When it comes to a man trying to look fashionable, whether for a date, job interview, or just for improving his self-image. It is necessary to do research beforehand to see which ideas would work with which outfits and plan accordingly when shopping. Below are three different things to try out when dressing up for the next important day.



One way to set a person apart is a sachel or manbag, made for functionality and style. These are useful when carrying objects such as laptops, wallets, or other items and decreases the feeling of uncomfortableness for men who do not like to use their pockets. Optimized for anyone who needs to travel and wants to carry books or water, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing the perfect satchel.


Sunglasses are a great way to combine fashion with practicality as it protects eyes from the intense sun rays, increasing sophistication as well. One pair of carefully selected sunglasses is sure to set an individual apart, especially if they choose a unique pair. Taking a risk and trying out new and bold frames could improve an outfit as well and end up becoming its backbone. Two trends that are emerging are round vintage sunglasses and oversized aviators sunglasses. Check them out the next time there’s a shopping trip and find the perfect way to finish off the ideal look.


Wallets come in an assortment of sizes and materials, making the possibility of thousands of different outfits that they can pair with. For example, there are whole sites focused on searching for the best Alpine Swiss Wallets and determines the best wallet within this highly renowned brand. Of course, even with this one company and its produced goods, it still offers five types of slim, bifold, trifold, zip-around, and money clip wallets. It is evident that it can be difficult when determining the perfect accessory to complete the look you are striving for.

One company in particular, My Best Wallets, has taken the liberty of comparing front-pocket wallets here. For example, one of the smaller wallets called the Buffway Front Pocket Wallet is unsex, a perfect choice for men and women. In addition, it is made from real leather meaning that it is biodegradable and will not harm the environment for thousands of years in the future. In addition, it can block RFID signals with the newest technology and boasts a super thin design. A couple of other wallets are compared as well, with their pros, cons, features, functionality, and designs emphasized.

Indeed, there is no reason to wait. It takes only minutes to purchase one or realize it is the right look for you. These can be found in dozens of online stores, and many are in local ones. Whether its a wallet, sunglass, or satchel, it is easy to elevate your look to the next level.


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