Must-Have Accessories for an Epic Boating Season

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For many boaters in America, the season has come to an end, but for anyone lucky enough to live in the south, it’s always a good time to get out on the water. Even if you have already winterized your boat, now is the best time to start planning for next summer. When you entertain during the boating season, you want the latest and greatest toys to help you enjoy your day on the water.

You can already cruise, fish, and swim when you are out on the water enjoying your boat. Why not take things up a notch and make your boat the center of attention where everyone wants to get on board? From setting your boat up with an Aerial Wakeboarding tower to giving your guests more room to spread out on a floating platform, there are a few must-have water toys that can help you enjoy an epic boating season.

Wakeboarding Tower

Adding a sleek wakeboarding tower to your powerboat can give you an upgrade in style and functionality. If you enjoy hitting the water for some adventurous water skiing or wakeboarding, you will want to have the right equipment to get the most out of your day on the water.

Wakeboard towers are made with sturdy aluminum tubing and give your towline the height that makes your experience safer and smoother. When your towline is elevated, you can get more creative and daring on your board or skis. Your tower will also make your boat look great, giving it a sporty profile.

Inflatable Dock Platform

A day on the water with your family and friends can be even more enjoyable when you have more room to spread out. Inflatable docking platforms can be easily inflated and launched right next to your craft and allow your guests to get out of the boat in comfort. Made from durable PVC material and reinforced with sturdy balancing compartments that will keep you steady on the lake. These platforms can be easily deflated and stowed when not in use without taking up too much room.

Inflatable Kayak

There are so many places along the shore that you can’t explore when you are at anchor. When you add an inflatable kayak to your water toy arsenal, you get the flexibility to get away from your anchored craft to explore the waterways. An inflatable kayak is an excellent toy for all ages and can be blown up and ready to go in just minutes. Use as a rescue craft, a vehicle for fishing, or only as a unique way to get out and explore the shoreline.


Your luxury cruiser may have all the amenities to make life onboard seem perfect, but when you want to get out on the water, you can’t find a bigger adventure than launching your quatrefoil. These unique two-passenger watercraft use the technology of hydrofoiling to power through the water silently and with no emissions. Powered by rechargeable batteries, these wing-like motors effortlessly lift your craft above the waves for the ride of a lifetime.

Water Bike

For those who want to add a fitness element to their day on the water, a water bike is an excellent addition to your water toy collection. These battery-powered hydro crafts are easy to operate and allow you to explore the water around your anchoring location. Pedal your way along secluded shorelines or the banks of grand rivers on this unique watercraft.

A day on the boat is never complete without some fun and adventure. If you are getting ready for the next cruising season, don’t miss out on these must-have water toys that will make your days on the water unforgettable.


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