Are Wallbeds Making A Comeback? 5 Reasons Wallbeds Are Hit With The Gen-Z

words Alexa Wang

Generations see things differently; we are all witnessing this fact every day, little by little. It can be something as trivial as cereal choices to something as big as government policies, people of different generations hold different opinions.

And owning houses, kinds of decor and the style of beds are no different; they are essential opinions people have regardless of their age, gender, caste, and color.  

So, how exactly does Gen-Z opinion on beds and homes differ from the previous generations? Keep reading this blog to know more about five reasons why Gen-Z is choosing wallbeds for their new, first-time homes. 

Wallbeds trend

1. They are multipurpose

Gen-Z is known to be conscious about everything they do, including their bedding choices. 

Wallbeds are designed for you to have more space on the wall, vertical storage space to help avoid cluttering around the room. One can also use it as a mini-library, storage shelf, open cabinets, art cabinet, and more. Adding a small folding desk to the structure of the wallbed itself can help make the wallbed a study area too. 

2. They complement Gen-Z’s busy lives

We all know first-time jobs take up most of your time. With Gen-Z just entering the real world, they are usually in a hurry. It’s worse if they are working part-time jobs along with classes. At times like these, they don’t have time to waste right in the morning. A wallbed can, thus, solve their issue easily.

Wallbeds don’t require a lot of maintenance. The fitted mattress and strap keep the bedsheet, quilt, and pillows in one place even when you fold the mattress back. Thus, you don’t have to worry about making the bed every time you unfold it. 

Wallbeds 2021

3. They are space-saving

Gen-Z is one of the most space-efficient generations to ever walk on the planet yet. With a constant demand for more space and a constantly growing population, space efficiency is a much-needed skill as most homes are built with a small carpet area. 

Wallbeds are ideal for homes with limited floor space as they are designed to be space-efficient. One could keep it folded during the daytime to be able to enjoy your room to the fullest and then unfold it during the night to rest.

4. They are easy-to-move

Since Gen-Z is still a generation where people are renting and sharing their apartment, an easy-to-move unit is essential. And that’s where wallbeds come with an advantage, yet again. 

They are extremely easy to break apart and reassemble. You could even hire movers to do it for you, although you can find enough ‘How To’ YoutTube videos for the same.

5. Gen-Z is already interested in property investment!

Anonymous public reviews surprisingly reveal that 43% of Gen-Z are highly interested in owning property right as they break out of the nest, which is far more than millennials who considered it wise to invest in a property in their 30s. People born between the years 1995 to 2000 are in the ages 21 to 25 and are already considering looking for suitable real estate options. 

In such circumstances, the chances of them looking for lavish places are bleak, and their budget, tight. Thus, they don’t wish to spend a lot of money on something as essential as a bed, giving them a multitude of cheaper options to choose from. A wallbed is an ideal choice for them as it fits their budget, provides extra amenities, and is advantageous. 

Each generation grows up with its quirks and ideologies, and there is no doubt Gen-Z is no different. We are seeing a new, fresh, loud, empathetic generation coming to fill up the space we’ve left behind, and maybe wallbeds help them the best along the way. 


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