Backpack designs that are sure trends this 2020

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Backpack rends 2020

It’s time for backpack fans to get ready because they are in for a treat! 2020 has come with multiple beautiful designs that they won’t get enough off, and while carrying backpacks might look traditional and boring, the new designs will change your mind completely.

Backpacks are versatile and can be used for multiple reasons. If you’re a student, then you already have (or in need of) one, and if you’re someone who enjoys hiking, then you’ll need a sturdy backpack that can fit your equipment, snacks, and your bottle of water.

In any case, your backpack must be one that will carry everything you will need, so why not choose a trendy one?

How to choose the best backpack for you

Before getting into the options of trendy backpacks available this year, let’s talk about how you’ll choose the best one for you. First, you will have to keep a couple of factors in mind before choosing one, like the design you prefer, where you’re going to carry it, and what are you going to carry in it. Don’t forget about the size because if it’s not spacious enough, then you are probably not going to use it and your money is going to be wasted. You need certain specifications, dimensions, weight, volume, style, and comfort. Also, going over a few reviews won’t hurt. This is exactly what you will get from as you leaf through different designs and read reviews. What you need, which is probably a practical backpack that can fit into your lifestyle along with being trendy, will be there. Here is an assortment of the best backpacks:

Canvas backpack

Classy is trendy, you should check out some canvas backpack designs. Just take one look on a canvas backpack and you will immediately think of something along the lines of a journey or an adventure. This is why you should buy this backpack. Canvas backpacks can fit all your belongings and they can be used for different purposes. They are suitable  for school use and are excellent for a hiking trip as well. In virtue of their nature, canvas backpacks are designed and known for their durability and comfort.

Rolling backpacks

This one is a favorite of many today because it has  the option to either carry or roll. It is durable, easy to use, and practical for someone who carries heavy equipment. It will also prove to be well-built for bumpy roads and for traveling, especially if you are using different means of transportation along the way. Make sure that the wheels at the bottom won’t break easily and the backpack is strong enough so that it won’t get dented if it falls. Choose one that is not heavy so it won’t weigh you down as you roll it across the ground, and don’t forget to choose one with vibrant colors and great designs!


This one is not so different from a canvas backpack. It only differs in its appearance and design as it doesn’t have a zipper, but has a buckle. Therefore, it will be looser and will generally have more space than a canvas backpack. You will need a rucksack for hiking or camping. Its purpose is clearly identical to that of the canvas backpack. Both are designed for adventures and long journeys; it has enough space to accommodate your tools. If you’re worried that rucksacks are not trendy enough, don’t worry because they’re still in the game, and they look as fashionable as ever!

Laptop backpack

A laptop backpack is a necessity for anyone who needs to take their laptop with them everywhere they go. You will need to shop for one that can accommodate the dimensions of your laptop and its weight. This is why you need to take great care as you shop for one because you don’t want to risk it tearing and dropping your priceless laptop to the floor! The backpack will also have to have well-protected compartments for the safety of your device. This is why it’s so important to invest in one that is trendy and sturdy enough for your laptop and your lifestyle.

trends 2020

There are numerous fashionable backpacks out there with great designs and good prices that you can choose from. Make sure to pick one that will look good on you. Consider the featured options of the backpacks that can be lifesaving if you tend to lose your things easily, and enjoy using a backpack that will make your life easier.


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