The best smart home locks in 2020

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smart home locks 2020

So you’ve decided to beef up security on your apartment, garage, commercial space or vacation home. Before you dive into the first hardware store that crosses your path and decide which lock to invest your money in, we warmly advise you to first do some minimum research.

After all, you should know what you are spending your hard-worked money on, no? Plus, before you consider a classic standard lock to replace your old, worn-out or broken one, you should consider some smart lock alternatives. Those of you who already keep up with smart technologies may have already purchased a few smart home devices such as indoor or outdoor lights, so you are acquainted with the benefits of smart home technologies. The fact that home security seems to be heavily evolving toward smart technologies should also make you curious about your options in terms of smart locks and alarms.

To come to your help, here are a few of the best smart locks you could consider using in 2020:

1. The August Smart Lock Pro

This is one of the best smart locks you could buy in 2020. The August Smart Lock (pro) is one of the top home security and smart locks recommended by Locksmiths Service Providers in the US. It is one of the easiest locks to install and make use of. It is also compatible with the great majority of smart home systems currently available on the market. The Pro model does not only come with an excellent design, but it is also fully compatible with your existing lock cylinders. This means you will not have to worry about having to replace your old locks and keys. However, if you need help with installation most up-to-date Locksmiths will be able to assist.

If your budget is more limited and you cannot afford the more expensive pro version of the August Smart Lock, we recommend you to take a quick look at the more affordable August model (not the Pro version). You will get to benefit from most of the Pro’s features, minus the support provided by the HomeKit. Keep in mind you should also get the August Connect so you can connect the lock to your to Wi-Fi and keep a close eye on the door locking and unlocking activity in real-time. You will also get to easily connect the HOmeKit with more of your smart home devices such as your smart alarm or smart lights.

2. The Kwikset Obsidian Lock

Suitable for those of you who prefer keyless locks, this is one of the simplest, most convenient locks that rely on an access code instead of a standard key. With a clean and nice design, this lock is also a good match for your home or commercial space. In order to use the lock from a remote distance, however, you will need to get ready to use a Z-Wave hub.

3. Simplisafe Lock

This is a smart lock under $100 that is compatible with Simplisafe home security systems that feature a deadbolt that can be controlled with the help of a PIN code, key fobs or smartphones. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

4. Assure Lever Lock From Yale

The world-famous Yale lock manufacturer has released a lock that can either be used together with a keypad or a touchscreen. The lock is made of bronze, brass or satin nickel, so you can make your choice based on your favorite aesthetics. The lock can be controlled with the help of Bluetooth technology. There is also a model that is sol together with the Yale Smart Module which allows the owner to use the lock from remote distances and connect it to other smart home systems.

Are Smart Locks For You?

Well, there are a few things to consider and it is an investment so it’s worth thinking about. Adding a smart lock to your home will not only make it more secure, but it will also significantly increase your flexibility when it comes to controlling who gets in and out of your house. Smart locks will send real-live notifications to your phone or computer and let you know whenever someone has been using an access code to get inside the house or whenever an unauthorized entry attempt has been made. You could also use a smart lock together with a video doorbell for even more convenience. If you feel you don’t only need to lock your house, but more actively be in control of who comes and goes and perhaps more importantly, be warned if someone is trying to get into your house, then smart locks may be exactly what you are looking for!


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