4 Important Details to Think About When Buying Your Next Computer

words Alexa Wang

Ever since the inception of fast connectivity, there has not been a better time like today to own a computer. You’ll also realize that, and thanks to advancements in computer technology, modern computers are fast, have large storage spaces and, they also have features that make you wonder, just how did the baby boomers achieve their daily tasks with 512kb-640kb (1985-1989) computes?

As you can see, we are at a more advanced stage where you can have your computer customized depending on your specific needs. Having a modern computer will allow you to achieve much in no time. With that having been said, below are four important details to think about when buying your next computer. 

Buying Next Computer

1. Picking the Right Brand

Let’s not even go to how many computer brands that are on the market today because the list is endless. Investing in the right computer is easier said than done and this goes to show the many hard choices you might have to make to end up with just the right PC that meets your needs. 

Like with any other consumer choice, picking the right computer brand could mean the difference between investing in a computer that will not be durable or one that doesn’t include all the right features. The same applies when choosing the best laptop brand. This, in line with Eric Smith, a computer geek who has for the longest time interacted with top computer manufacturers, says that there’s more to choosing a computer brand than meets the eye. This is especially when choosing a work laptop. First and foremost, you’ll need to determine whether you need one for your gaming needs or one for your professional uses. You’ll want to choose a brand that supports your daily computer use. Among other considerations when choosing the best computer brands include: 

  • Brand ratings – The best-rated computer brands will receive positive reviews and positive customer testimonials. It’s for this reason and more that you need to conduct extensive research on the best brands. 
  • Experience – Computer manufacturing companies that have been in the game for long will have had an experience of what consumers need and in addition to this, and through their vast experience, they’ll test their products before taking them to the market. 
  • The technology used – Choose computer manufacturing companies that use modern manufacturing technology and safe manufacturing processes that don’t leave carbon footprints on our environment.

2. How Much RAM Speed is Enough?

This is where some soul searching might come in handy. But considering that you are looking for your next computer, then this shouldn’t be rocket science. With computer speed, the RAM (Random Access Memory), will play a crucial role in most if not all of the computer processes. This means choosing a computer with a higher RAM than the one you’ve been used to. It could also be that you just want to give your PC or laptop a boost by installing a new RAM. Now, this is where it gets tricky. The computer motherboard must be compatible with your RAM of choice. Speaking of the motherboard. Ensure to invest in a computer that has the latest motherboard design that supports new upgrades. 

3. Storage

For your basic computing activities, and believe it or not, even an 80GB hard disc will suffice. But if you are a heavy computer user working professionally or an enthusiast gamer who must have their game stats stored, then you’ll need more storage space. Today, you have computers that have storage capabilities of up to 1Terabit. But then again, it all depends on your everyday computer uses and how much you are willing to spend on your new computer. 

4. Cost 

When it comes to the cost factor, you must first decide whether you need a laptop or a desktop computer. These, coupled with the pointers above will determine how much you’ll spend on your new investment. The best part is that there’s something for everyone, all ranging from high-end computers to second-hand ones that are available in thrift stores if you are on a tight budget. 

For lightweight computing, you don’t need an expensive computer, one with just the right memory and storage will do just fine. The cost of your new computer will also be determined by the types of accessories and upgrades you might decide to invest in. Some computers come all-inclusive with the basic accessories while for some, you’ll have to part with a few bucks to get them separately. 

Buying Your Computer

Before making the final purchase decision, ensure that you’ve considered the above pointers. They’ll help to guide you through the intricate and painstaking processes involved when buying a new computer. But as is the case with most hard decisions in life, trust your instincts!


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