Can CBD be used to treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia: The surprising benefits

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CBD is growing in popularity because of its highly effective miracle benefits in the medical industry. Moreover, medical researchers suggest its usage for people of all age groups.

Furthermore, it also does not make one high and delivers all the benefits excellently. About 47 states in the USA have legalized its use. It is significant to get that the US has made it legal in several different forms.

One extracts CBD from the cannabis plant. The reason why it is growing so much in popularity is that it offers several advantages. Whereas, it will also not make the user high, making it available to the most range of people. Also, Marijuana and THC, on the other hand, work differently. Their key purpose is to make the user high, which serves several purposes.

Moreover, seniors like to use it in the form of Oil to treat Alzheimer’s and several kinds of dementia. This is common, as it is the simplest way to use it. Furthermore, other people use it in the form of capsules, edibles, wax, etc.

Alzheimer's cbd


According to scientific experimentation, CBD benefits are tested on the nerve cells grown in the lab. As a result, they show improvements in the nerve cells of dementia, erasing its symptoms. Moreover, as a consequence of Alzheimer’s disease, a specific protein, namely Amyloid, gathers in the brain. After gathering, it also forms clumps in the brain affecting the respective person. The chemicals present in CBD remove the formation of proteins formally and informally.

Furthermore, scientists are testing this in mice in the labs. The mice having Alzheimer’s disease show improved results after giving them CBD products. Moreover, they also show better signs of learning when they have CBD ingested in their bodies. Likewise, the clumping of Amyloid also lessens.


Dementia includes several impairments in the brain. They show up in the form of disabling functions of judgment and memory. This is most common among senior citizens. As a consequence of dementia, the brain starts to lose its functioning. Moreover, it also leads to its disintegration. It affects the cognitive function of the brain. Its disabling functions include:

·                     Language

·                     Thinking

·                     Judgment

·                     Memory

·                     Calculation

·                     Orientation

·                     Comprehension

·                     Learning capabilities

These symptoms slowly process towards the deterioration of the brain. It makes people lose their social skills too. The process of emotional management also affects them on an extensive scale.

dementia cbd


Alzheimer’s is a further type of dementia. Around 70% percent of people who have dementia further also have Alzheimer’s disease. However, other common diseases regarding dementia are vascular dementia. It also shows brain disintegrating symptoms and doctors characterize it as follows:

A disease that occurs due to microscopic hemorrhage in the brain

It also blocks the blood vessels inside the brain

Targeted individuals of dementia

The most considerable number of people who show the signs and symptoms of dementia include older people. Around 60% of older individuals around the world go through this disability. It also makes them dependent on other people. It can also affect the caretakers of dementia as much as it affects the patients themselves.

Moreover, most importantly, it makes people lose the loveliest memories of all time, and in most cases, there is no coming back. However, there are specific ways that lessen the aggression of the symptoms that occur due to dementia. Watching people with dementia is a scene of melancholy because one cannot do much about the disease. It also makes them slip away farther.

Surprising benefits of CBD on Dementia

Sometimes, some symptoms in rare individuals improve as a result of treatment. Whereas in all other cases, the sicknesses remain incurable. One can, however, improve the intensity of the symptoms with reliable treatments. One of those is the emergence of CBD in the medicinal field. It lays several benefits that can help people with dementia. They are as follows:

Lessening inflammation

The most effective cure for CBD is its ability to reduce inflammation. It is also evidenced that CBD wax can reduce multiple sources of inflammation from the body by the 2015 review of bio-organic and medicinal chemistry. Moreover, the researchers tell us that the CBD is capable of doing this by targeting several ways inside the body.

Furthermore, it is also capable of helping the body with any illnesses that may be a cause of inflammation. This information suggests that it reduces the symptoms of inflammation from its root.

Impact on Oxidative Stress Damage

In the present time, Therapeutics are suggesting the use of CBD for several reasons. Primarily, the patients of dementia must use it for treating the oxidative stress damage that is a cause of dementia. Oxidative stresses play a significant role in the functioning of the brain. Therefore, one must use CBD to use it for the cause.

One must consult the concentration of CBD by a doctor depending on the intensity of their symptoms. Doctors suggest to use it in the form of Oil that contains CBD because of its application. Moreover, CBD intake will maximize the anti-oxidants in the brain, reduce the intensity of oxidative stress damage, and reduce the exposure to contaminants that are always available in the environment.


Neurogenesis is a process that welcomes the growth of new cells in the brain. One of the most surprising effects of CBD comes in the form of neurogenesis. It not only heals the brain’s symptoms, but it also promotes the growth of new cells. It is very healthy for the brain too.

This whole process occurs because the cannabinoid receptors are present in the brain. These areas are the primary target of CBD, which affects them in tons of positive ways. The Brazilian scientists’ research states that it creates the brain’s latest neurons targeting the cannabinoid receptors.

Impact of CBD on memory: what do the researchers say

According to recent developments in this field, scientists from different areas of the world have come up with different research. Some recent studies display that CBD helps with the damage of dementia while affecting the brain cells of memory. Another research shows that the high content of CBD present in the product favors the impairment of memory.

Another research denies all the negative aspects it can have on the memory. However, more research is yet to occur in this regard that will rightly identify its good and bad aspects altogether. Whereas, the current studies only show the benefits of CBD in terms of memory and others.

Patients’ reviews on the use of CBD

Recent research on an individual, namely Josefson, proves the effect of CBD on the brain. At the beginning of the case, the patient’s wife came forward, telling the researchers about his memory problem. It began earlier in his seventies. Eventually, this also led to anxiety and distress in Josefson.

However, upon using CBD oil for this treatment, he shows positive effects with every passing day. He, in turn, has improved memory and also came forward with a happier self. His wife made a confirmation of these results. She also told everyone how things became more comfortable for her and her husband alike, with the use of CBD.


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