Why you need to know about CEREC inlay and crown technology!

Why you need to know about CEREC inlay and crown technology! – words Alexa Wang

If you have had dental treatment in the past which involved having an inlay or a crown fitted then you will know that it isn’t the most pleasant experience and it can take a lot of time and multiple appointments to complete the treatment.

Well thanks to CEREC technology there is a much easier way of having dental inlays and crowns. London City Smiles give their view of this incredible new technology. 


The traditional procedure

For those of you that are familiar with dental treatments and have had a crown fitted before, you will know that it often involves two or more appointments and a mouthful of goo while the dentist takes impressions of your teeth. These impressions are then used to create moulds of the teeth which are then used to produce a crown. Often the moulds have to be sent away to a lab technician who will produce the inlays or crowns and send them back again. This involves a lengthy wait and a number of appointments.

CEREC technology

With CEREC technology the work is all done on site using a camera rather than impressions and the dentist can use computer aided designs to produce a 3D replica of your tooth. The crown is prepared on the spot using a 3D milling machine while you are sat in the chair and you can have the work completed in one visit. For those of you that have had impressions you will understand just how much you would benefit from this type of technology. This revolutionary technology does all the hard work and produces bespoke, tailor made inlays and crowns that are the perfect fit.

Improved appearance

In the past, amalgam fillings have been a popular choice with many dentists and patients alike, in fact for years they were the standard choice of filling. You would go to the dentist for a filling and come out with a tooth, or teeth, full of metal. Well thanks to porcelain inlays, you can now replace those metal grey fillings with beautiful white inlays, matched to the colour of your own teeth. No more worrying about smiling or opening your mouth to reveal teeth full of metal. In fact, you can walk into the dental surgery with silver fillings and walk out with shiny new white ones. It really is that easy and straightforward.

Busy people lead busy lives

In addition to the aesthetic benefits and the removal of the uncomfortable procedure to create the moulds of the teeth, the amount of time saved is a huge benefit. Whereas before you would go in for your first appointment for a diagnosis followed by a further appointment for tooth prep and impressions and then a third appointment to have the crown or inlay fitted, now it can all be done in one appointment. Not only does this save the time spent in the chair but also the amount of travelling time. Dental appointments often require time booked off work or using up your lunch break. Reducing the number of appointments required saves hours for the individual.

What are you waiting for?

If you have a mouth full of silver fillings that you would like to replace with white porcelain inlays, or you have a tooth that really needs to be fitted with a crown then CEREC should definitely be at the top of your list. If it’s convenience, efficiency and beautiful teeth that you are looking for then you should give it a try. Talk to your dentist about CEREC inlay technology and how it could benefit you.

Why you need to know about CEREC inlay and crown technology! – words Alexa Wang



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