Safety Tips for Your Family’s Holiday Road Trip in Your New EV

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Today, more than ever before, families are planning their annual holidays around road trips for a number of reasons. While taking time to see and experience more of the country has always been quite popular among those who work long hours and rarely get out, it seems like the pandemic has played a part in this new holiday trend.

Since so many indoor places have been shuttered over the past couple of years, holiday goers have had to make alternate plans for their holiday. Going on a lengthy road trip was the best alternative to staying tucked away at home. The road trip craze has caught on and now more and more families are planning where they’ll go next. Don’t forget to also plan for safety whilst out on the road because, when you least expect it, the unexpected can occur.

Road Trip EV

1. Plan Your Route Carefully

How many times have you travelled quite a distance from home to take the kids to see something you always enjoyed yourself when you were younger only to find it’s been gone these many years? Before setting out on a road trip, make sure your destination is still there and open if pertinent. This might be especially important if you are driving a vehicle on a cheap electric car lease deal unless you’ve accounted for the extra milage in that EV lease.

2. A Word on EV Road Trips and Safety

There are a number of reasons why today’s consumers are seeking EV lease deals but most often it is because they can often choose the length of the contract for leasing a new electric vehicle. When so doing, they are most often required to set a monthly mileage limit which then affects the cost of repayments during the term of the lease. It pays for families that do extra travelling to add the extra mileage so that they aren’t left paying at the end when turning the car back. In fact, you can find important safety information on the ElectriX website such as how far you can expect your EV to go before recharging is necessary. As a website powered by LV General Insurance Group, they want you to know the benefits and differences between petrol cars and EVs. Length of travel on a charged battery is a vital safety measure on a road trip and this is why ElectriX provides the information you need before setting out on a long road trip.

Road Trip EV

3. Map Out Your Stops

One thing you might want to do to ensure safely getting from one place to the next is to map your stops out according to distance. Whether you are driving an EV or a petrol car, there are only so many places out in the open country where you can find refuelling or recharging stations. Many families plan where they will be staying the night based on these distances. Also, young children can only go so long in a car before getting antsy to run around a bit. Perhaps you’ve found an amazing SUV you saw advertised on electric car lease deals and that is what prompted your holiday road trip this year. It may require longer charging on a larger battery, so take that into consideration as well when planning your stops. You wouldn’t want to get caught out on the road with little ones in the car.

4. In the Event of a Breakdown

There are those times when you least expect a breakdown, and family holiday road trips can sadly be one of those times. Here again, if you have children with you in the car, you will need to have an ‘emergency’ food pack along with you. Pack drinks, snacks and maybe a sandwich or two to keep those little stomachs filled. Also, bring along some activities for the children so they won’t be bothered with a wait for the service truck to appear. Though it may sound humorous, those activities just might be a safety measure for the driver as well! There is almost nothing to spoil a lengthy road trip like a child who is itching for activity. From colouring books to mobile DVDs, it pays to pack an assortment of activities to keep busy fingers from getting into mischief.

5. Don’t Forget a Toolkit

Flat tyres can cause a delay until you have the spare put on, but what happens if you don’t have the tools you need to change the tyre? Always check to see that you have the tools necessary for minor auto repairs in the event that you are forced to a stop along the way. Older petrol vehicles often need the fluids checked so carry extra motor oil, transmission fluid and water in the boot. You may also want to have a bit of power steering and brake fluid as well. You never know when a small leak could cause an issue. Having those fluids on hand can help you get to the next service station along the way. If you’re travelling at night, keep an emergency flare in the boot as well. This will help to alert other drivers that you are broken down on the side of the roadway.

6. Stay Alert for Other Drivers

One of the reasons it is always suggested that travellers on a lengthy road trip take breaks often is to avoid getting sleepy behind the wheel. You may be considerate in this regard but, unfortunately, many other drivers aren’t as careful. Not only are you likely to find the need to avoid tired drivers but intoxicated drivers may be out there as well. In fact, alcohol and substance abuse are at record highs so do keep a look out for them.

7. Know Your Mobile Phone Coverage

In the event that you need to phone for help, you will want to be within coverage of the mobile phone provider you are contracted with. This seems to be a new bit of safety advice only relevant in recent years due to the number of people who now carry mobile phones. If you read older safety precautions for road trips, you are unlikely to see this listed. It goes without saying that you may find dead spots between towers. Although rare, it could happen, so take the time to research your provider’s coverage between towers.

Why Such a Focus on Safety?

Many drivers often wonder why there is such a focus on safety when travelling a family road trip. Whilst you think it should go without saying that your family’s safety and wellbeing are a top priority for any mother of father, that isn’t the only reason why safety is an important factor on a family holiday. Yes, electric car leasing of a new vehicle can almost always assure that breakdowns are rare, but you may not be driving a new EV. You may be driving an older model car and even in newer models, mishaps are a possibility. Even on road trips where there are no problems with the vehicle you are driving, safety tips can help ensure a fun time on the road. Remember those activities we mentioned for the kids? Planning for safe driving may also mean stress-free driving for mum or dad. In the end, safety equals fun and that’s what family holidays are all about.


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