How To Choose The Perfect Cake For Every Special Event

words Al Woods

Perfect Cake


A delicious and impressive cake is a must for every special occasion. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, wedding, or any other event, choosing a cake is essential. From choosing the decorations and tasting a sample to selecting the proper bakery, there are a few steps in the process. This post shares the steps you need to take to choose the perfect cake for your celebration. 

Determine your needs

Choosing a cake can be difficult, as you are tempted by all the gorgeous cakes you see on the offers. To get the best fit for your needs, you need to determine them first. A small and straightforward cake is ideal for an intimate event. However, you will need a larger cake to feed a crowd. Assess the number of guests that will attend to get a clear idea of the size of the cake. A tiny cake won’t be enough for everyone, while a too-big cake will be a waste of money. Also, you need to set your expectations regarding the flavor. Choose whether you wish to try something new and unique or stick with the classics. 

Service included

Choosing the cake isn’t only about the flavor or looks. You would want to get the best service for your special event. Reliable delivery is a must-have, as you don’t want the cake to arrive after your special event. 

For example, Cakes Overseas provides international delivery services for many countries. Even if you are miles away from the person, you can surprise him with a tasty cake. 

Special preferences

Before ordering a cake, assess if any of your guests have particular preferences. Some might be vegans, so they prefer a cake without eggs and dairy. Some people might be lactose intolerant as well. You can always order a mini cake to cater to the guests with special preferences. 

Determine a budget

With such wide varieties to choose from, you can always find a cake that fits your budget. Bespoke cakes will always be costlier, as making them takes time and additional effort. Check your budget for the whole event and think about the portion you wish to spend on a cake. 

Picking the bakery

When it comes to choosing a bakery, you can order online or visit a physical establishment. If you are too busy and don’t have the time to go there, you can always order online. However, most online bakeries might not have customization options. On the other hand, the costs will vary. Check a few options before you decide to commit to a specific bakery. Check the products, compare prices, and read reviews at this point. 

Some bakeries offer the option to provide a sample. This is important if you wish to try a new flavor or work with the bakery for the first time. However, keep in mind that online stores don’t offer this option. The same goes if you have decided to get a bespoke cake. In other cases, it is better to try a sample before you buy the cake.

Pick the theme

The cake theme will depend on your celebration. If it is a themed event, the cake should complement it. Determining the theme is important at this stage, as you need to be as precise as you can with the details, so the baker will get it right. You can show images of how you want the cake to look. 

Finalize the details

When placing an order, share all the details required, such as the date, delivery, and time. Also, ask your bakery how they deal with any delays. 


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