A guided food tour of NYC

A guided food tour of NYC – words Al Woods

New York City is everyone’s favorite weekend-away-from-home destination. It may even seem kind of cliche to consider a trip to the Big Apple.

However, anyone who has been there can personally attest to the beauty found in this city of neon and steel. With so much to do and see in just one trip, do not forget to add some exquisite food tasting to the mix. Guide your weekend with delicious and unique food through the city’s five boroughs with our guided food tour of NYC.

new york street food

The Bronx

In the Bronx, it’s all about local eats and food carts. Flag down an ice cream cart for a treat on the go, or buy a couple of Hero sandwiches and enjoy an incredible view of the skyline from Ferry Point Park. Settle in a small European cafe, or choose from one of several artisan-style microbreweries in the Bronx.


As with any borough, there are many types of foods and you’ll want to try something new, given you’re in a new city and all. The nearby fulton Fish Market makes for a few great seafood haven, where the fish is fresh each day. If you want old-fashioned American food, check out Harry’s at Water Taxi Beach – the best burger in Queens. If you don’t try the best cheeseburger in Queens, have you really lived?


New York City never sleeps, and nor does great food. If you’ve been traveling around the city most of the day with hop-on hop-off bus tours NYC | TopView sightseeing for example, you will surely enjoy a midnight snack when you stop over in Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, you can get a piping hot and delicious Gyro at 2 AM, and traditional NYC-style pizza all day long. Collado Restaurant is often called the best spot for Spanish food in the borough. One Brooklyn food tours you’ll find that this is the place to be for some down-to-earth comfort food.

Staten Island

food tour of NYC

Staten Island is much more than the spray tanned stereotypes: there is plenty of great food to guide you through this borough. It is home to authentic Italian food as you’ve never had before, and some of the cutest local cafes and ice cream shops that will have you wondering if you should make a short trip more permanent. Tacos, coffee and pizza can guide you through Staten Island and keep you full and happy on each sightseeing stop.


Manhattan is more than high class restaurants and celebrities. Buy a homemade pastry from Levain Bakery, and relax with the caffeine experts at Coffee Project New York. Cipollina Gourmet is perfect for authentic Italian cuisine, and, if you are a fan of Chinese food, head over to the island of Manhattan, since it’s home to Chinatown.

There are several exciting tours around New York City. But why not let your taste buds lead you from place to place? Let your nose guide you through New York City (okay, ignore those other smells) and through delicious street food, handcrafted coffee, beer and much more. It is a historically fascinating city, and while you can learn by visiting museums and sights, these little cafes and pizza joints can teach you a lot about how incredible the spirit of New York City really is.

A guided food tour of NYC – words Al Woods



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