How to Choose the Right Car for Your Dubai Trip

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dubai road trip

Regardless of your preference, avid travelers choose car rentals for their travels for various reasons. Besides making it easy to move between different destinations in Dubai, car rentals make it easy to plan road trips around the UAE.

Beyond deciding to hire a vehicle from Hype Dubai, it pays to know what specific car model suits your needs, the cost of hiring, and other factors that can hinder the ability to go about your business. Below are important things to consider when hiring a car in Dubai.

What are your needs and plans?

While most car rental agencies have the same vehicles classified differently, these categories have increased recently. Unlike before, where you had to make simple choices between compact, subcompact, mid-sized, and sports vehicles, current options include SUVs and luxury vehicles.

Your choice comes down to determining why you need the car. For instance, if you have luggage to carry around, consider a vehicle with an ample trunk. If you have planned a long trip, vehicles with seat warmers are perfect. If you need a car you can sleep inside comfortably or with Sat-Nav, be specific in your choices.

Similarly, if your road trip includes areas with dirt roads or country lanes, a 4 X 4 is an ideal choice. Luxury vehicles, such as the Cadillac, are best for open roads and the beach. They also have enough passenger and storage space. Executive cars, such as the Audi, BMW, Bentley, Mercedes, and other convertibles, are perfect for high-profile events and business trips. To enjoy your trip, you should prioritize comfort and functionality over the price and style.

Understand the car rental agreement

With your vehicle needs specified and the perfect size figured out, it is important to understand the specific terms and conditions of the car hire company, especially if you are booking online. Most car rental companies allow for unlimited miles, but you should double-check to avoid paying more.

You should also understand the conditions for returning the vehicle. Most agencies want their cars washed and follow the full gas policy. Lastly, don’t leave the agency offices before inquiring if you need additional insurance. Most rental agencies provide basic insurance but will recommend additional insurance based on the driving conditions and level of risk exposure.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by paying for your rental car with a credit card. Credit cards offer some extensive coverage for rental cars.

Choose something you are used to driving

While most car rental agencies give a test to determine the drivers’ eligibility, it doesn’t prove that someone can drive the vehicle safely. If you are versed with a compact two-seater vehicle, switching to an SUV or transit becomes challenging. Generally, opt for a vehicle that doesn’t differ in size and style from yours.


Not all rental cars can suit your traveling plans. You will find the best cars for city breaks, adventure holidays, family holidays, multi-location holidays, and honeymooners. Regardless of the nature of your holiday, booking the vehicle in advance gives the agency enough time to find a model that suits your needs.


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